Analog Devices' Engineering University Program provides engineering students and professors with an affordable portable analog design kit that will enhance engineering students' educational experience by allowing them to experiment quickly and easily with advanced technologies and build and test real-world, functional analog design circuits anytime and anywhere. This "hands-on learning" design approach gives students and professors the freedom and creativity to expand the scope of course materials and explore real-time design scenarios right in the classroom. Easy access to online and downloadable software and teaching materials, online support, textbook, reference designs and lab projects to design and implement analog circuits as a supplement to their core engineering curriculum are also provided.

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View the latest Discovery Board user video from Rochester Institute of Technology.

Sam Fuller speaks at ECEDHA 2013 conference on the benefits of using the Analog Discovery kit.

Course Materials
Your single source for educational materials designed for use in introductory analog electrical circuit classes.

Video about ADI's University Program

Purchase system boards and related components that demonstrate the foundations of analog hardware design.

Unlock the power of your circuit design with Waveforms®, the easy-to-use software that simulates a complete lab on your PC.

Access this vibrant online community to post your questions and get the help you need to succeed in school and beyond.

Interested in obtaining samples for a project? Use this convenient ordering form to select the samples you need.

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