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  • High Speed ADC FMC Development Board with JESD204B
    This high-speed data acquisition board contains two AD9250 14-bit, 250 MSPS dual ADCs which support high-speed serial JESD204B coded outputs for improved FPGA connectivity. In this example, it is connected to a Xilinx KC706 development board.
  • Create Isolated Supply Rails with Integrated DC/DC Converter
    isoPower® integrated and isolated DC/DC converter technology allows you to create a variety of isolated power supply rails with significant power and high levels of integration. Watch this video to learn more.
  • ezLINX™ Series: Debugging Your RS-485 Network
    The ezLINX iCoupler® isolated interface development tool provides a plug and play solution for evaluating 8 physical layer, digitally-isolated communication standards. This video takes you through the steps of debugging your RS-485 network.
  • Replacing Optocouplers and Shunt Regulators with ADuM3190
    This video discusses how the ADuM3190 isolated error amplifier can replace optocouplers and shunt regulators with in isolated power supplies.
  • ezLinx™ Series: Debugging Your CAN Communications Network
    The ezLinx iCoupler® isolated interface development tool provides a plug and play solution for evaluating 8 physical layers, digitally-isolated communication standards. This video shows the steps of debugging your CAN communication networks.
  • Industry's Lowest Power Digital Isolators
    The ADuM144x family of digital isolators is the industry's lowest power isolators. Capable of up to 2500V of isolation in an ultra-small QSOP package, check out how a common potato can drive these devices.
  • ADE7913: Magnetic Immunity for Polyphase Energy Meter Applications
    The ADE7913 is a fully isolated ADC that has 3 input channels. It incorporates iCoupler® and isoPower® technologies to implement isolated signal transfer and dc-to-dc power conversion across a 5kV-rated insulation barrier and an SPI output.
  • Process Control Systems – from Field Transmitter to Actuator
    This demonstration forms a complete solution from field transmitter to actuator. It incorporates a loop powered field instrument with HART interface (CN0267), a universal analog input board (CN0325), and analog output with HART connectivity (CN0321).
  • ezLINX™ Isolated Integrated Development Environment
    ezLINX™ is an integrated development environment containing eight isolated communications interfaces. In this demo, two boards communicate across a Controller Area Network (CAN) bus via twisted pair wiring.
  • Signal Chain Designer: A New Way to Design Online
    Signal Chain Designer™ is an advanced selection and design environment that enables custom design creation and direct interactive access to more than 200 tested application circuits and verified product combinations.
  • Precision Weigh Scale Reference Circuit
    Using a 24-bit sigma delta ADC and external zero-drift amplifiers, this circuit yields 15.3-bit noise-free code resolution for a load cell with a full-scale output of 10 mV. Good performance is maintained through 120 Hz conversion rate.
  • K-Type Thermocouple Measurement System
    This reference circuit provides complete thermocouple signal conditioning with cold junction compensation followed by a 16-bit sigma-delta ADC. The system measures temperatures from 15°C to 950°C.
  • 4-Channel AFE for Wide Dynamic Range Signal Conditioning
    This reference circuit provides programmable gain, high CMR, and high input impedance. It maintains very good performance and has an easy configuration for signals w/ varying amplitudes. It accepts full-scale input signals from a few mV up to ±10V.
  • A MEMs based Tilt Sensing Solution with 1° Accuracy
    In this reference circuit, the output voltage of the ADXL203 dual axis accelerometer, produced by acceleration in the x- or y-axis, passes through buffers to attenuate and level shift the sensor outputs so they are at proper levels for conversion.
  • Isolated, Industrial Voltage Level Data Acquisition System
    This reference circuit is a highly integrated 16-bit, 250 kSPS, 8-channel data acquisition system that can digitize ±10 V industrial level signals. It provides 2500 V rms isolation between the measurement circuit and the host controller.
  • High Speed PCB Fundamentals Demo
    This demo examines two sets of functionally identical PCBs. One uses traditional PCB design techniques, the other uses high speed PCB design techniques, where performance improvements can be observed.
  • High Accuracy Impedance Measurement
    Using a high precision impedance converter system that combines an on-chip programmable frequency generator with a 12-bit, 1 MSPS (or 250 kSPS) ADC, this ref circuit yields accurate impedance measurements extending from low ohm to several hundred kΩ.
  • Carbon Monoxide Toxic Gas Detector
    This reference circuit is a single-supply, low power, battery operated, portable gas detector using an electrochemical sensor. Total power consumption for the circuit is approximately 110 μA (no gas detected) and 460 μA (2000 ppm CO detected).
  • Software Defined Radio
    The FMCOMMS1-EBZ high-speed analog module is designed to showcase the latest generation high-speed data converters. The FMCOMMS1-EBZ provides the analog front-end for a wide range of compute-intensive FPGA-based radio applications.
  • Motor Control Signal Chain Demo
    This video shows Analog Devices' coverage of the total signal chain in industrial motor control applications, encompassing motor control algorithm implementation, precision feedback, signal isolation and digital power management.
  • Isolated Sigma-Delta Converters for Current Measurement
    Use the AD74xx isolated ΣΔ ADCs in combination with an FPGA or DSP to measure currents with shunts or monitor AC voltages. In addition to digital filtering, the AD74xx ADCs can also be converted into isolated amplifiers by using simple RC filters.
  • ADuM3223: iCoupler Gate Driver Motor Control Demo
    Three ADuM3223 gate drivers isolate control signals from a power stage connected to a rectified AC mains input. The six pwm control signals from a Blackfin EZ Kit drive six IGBT gates to control a 3-phase induction motor at variable speed.
  • ADuM3190 (Isolated Error Amp) & ADP1051 (Digital Controller)
    This video features the isolated error amplifier ADuM3190 board and the demo board of the ADP1051 digital isolated DC to DC converter board.
  • Analog Filter Wizard Overview
    Analog Filter Wizard simplifies the filter design process. Design a low-, high-, or band-pass filter with actual op amps and view real time filter performance throughout the design process. You can download the design or share it with friends.
  • Analog Filter Wizard – Filter Specifications
    This video explains Analog Devices Filter Wizard’s specifications screen in more detail.
  • EngineerZone® Online Technical Support Community
    The EngineerZone® support community enables customers to engage online with ADI experts and fellow engineers to find answers to complex and frequently asked technical product and application questions.
  • Demo circuit for 4- 20-mA HART Enabled Field Instruments
    Field instrument demonstration circuit for a loop powered HART® enabled smart transmitter. A complete low power, high precision signal chain solution with minimum area overhead, tested and verified as part of ADI’s Circuits from the Lab™ initiative.
  • Bluetechnix BF609 System-on-Module and 3D Sensor Demo
    This video features the new BF609 based eCM-BF609 Module and the Sentis-ToF-M100 3D-Sensor by Bluetechnix. The Time-of-Flight (ToF) sensor with a Blackfin processor enables completely integrated solutions for robotics, HMI or people counting.
  • Blackfin® ADSP-BF609 Embedded Vision System
    The Embedded Vision demo allows customers to quickly evaluate the processing capabilities of the new dual-core BF609 Blackfin processor, featuring accelerated image processing combined with low system cost and low power dissipation.
  • EMC Robustness Demo for RS-485 with Robot Arm Motor Control
    Complete EMC protection for RS-485 is shown in a robot arm motor control demo. Multiple RS-485 nodes use an externally certified EMC compliant circuit-from-the-lab®, with Analog Devices RS-485 transceivers and Bourns external protection devices.
  • Loop-Powered Field Instrument Circuit with HART Interface
    Save time in designing loop powered field instruments with Analog Devices’ demo circuit. It features low power, high performance components – ADuCM360 precision analog microcontroller, AD5421 16-bit 4-20mA loop-powered DAC and AD5700 FSK HART modem.
  • Use Circuits from the Lab™ in Your Next Design
    Watch how two engineers were able to use Analog Devices Circuits from the Lab to help solve their design challenge. From test data to HW evaluation, to project integration, we make it easy to save time while lowering the risk in your circuit design.
  • ADXL362 Nanopower, 3-Axis, MEMS Accelerometer
    The ADXL362 consumes 2 μA @ 100 Hz in full measurement mode, and only 300 nA in motion sensing wake-up mode. In addition to its native low-power operation, the ADXL362 has additional features that enable system-level power efficiency.
  • ADXL377 MEMS Accelerometer in INDYCAR Race Car Safety System
    Driver impact safety system of IZOD IndyCar Series race cars features ADXL377 MEMS accelerometers in all driver earpieces. The ADXL377 captures driver impact data in real time. Data is used in sled tests to replicate impact & improve safety levels.
  • Vibration Immunity in Analog Devices MEMS Gyroscopes
    This video shows a side-by-side demo of the Analog Devices MEMS gyroscope and a competitive gyro, comparing their responses when erroneous input stimuli are applied. Our new gyros exhibit high immunity to shock, vibration & linear acceleration.
  • Rapid Prototyping with JESD204B using FMC and Xilinx FPGAs
    Start prototyping fast with the JESD204B-compliant AD9250 A/D converter. Available on a FMC with online software and support, this is a faster, easier way to connect your Xilinx Kintex and Vertex FPGAs with ADI’s JESD204B data converters.
  • ADuM348x: First Isolator to Interface to 1.8V I/O
    Learn how the ADuM348x family of iCoupler® digital isolators are the first isolators capable of directly interfacing to 1.8V I/O. This benefit results in reduced board space, power consumption and cost savings over optocoupler solutions.
  • Introducing CrossCore® Embedded Studio
    A brief overview of the new CrossCore® Embedded Studio (CCES) integrated development. CrossCore® Embedded Studio is a world-class integrated development environment (IDE) for the Analog Devices Blackfin® and SHARC® processor families.
  • Stability 101: Decompensated Operational Amplifiers
    Analog Devices’ Matt Duff explains why a few operational amplifiers (op amps) on the market are not stable at low gains, but are stable at higher gains.
  • Stability 101: Driving a Capacitive Load (Operational Amplifiers)
    Analog Devices’ Matt Duff explains why it’s a bad idea to drive a capacitor directly with an operational amplifiers (on amp) and why putting a resistor between the op amp and capacitor can makes the circuit stable.
  • Stability 101: Parasitic Capacitance in Operational Amplifiers
    Analog Devices’ Matt Duff explains why parasitic capacitance at the inverting terminal of an operational amplifiers (op amp) can cause instability.
  • Stability 101: Bode Plots and Operational Amplifiers
    Analog Devices’ Matt Duff explains how to use Bode Plots to quickly determine whether an operational amplifiers (op amp) circuit will be stable.
  • Stability 101: Loop Gain in Operational Amplifiers
    Analog Devices’ Matt Duff explains the key term, loop gain, in determining whether an operational amplifier (op amp) circuit is stable.
  • Debugging on a Hardware Target with CCES
    This module will examine the process of debugging projects on a hardware target with CrossCore® Embedded Studio.
  • AD8237 Micropower, Zero-Drift Instrumentation Amplifier
    Applying the AD8237 Micropower, Zero-drift instrumentation amplifier to improve overall system performance, simplify design and reduce power/cost.
  • Simultaneous Sampling, Isolated, 16-bit DAQ Circuit
    Using a whiteboard and lab setup, our engineer shows how to simultaneous sample industrial level signals, in an isolated, high accuracy, daisy-chained data acquisition system. Documentation, design files, and hardware make it easy to integrate.
  • 20-Bit Voltage Source Circuit for High Accuracy Applications
    Using a whiteboard and lab setup, our engineer shows how to implement a high accuracy 20-bit voltage source for precision instrumentation systems. High performance is maintained, and documentation, design files, & hardware make it easy to integrate.
  • How to Use the ADuCRF101 Serial Downloader
    This video shows how to get the ADuCRF101 into serial download mode and how to access and use the supplied serial downloader software tools.
  • Get Started with the ADuCRF101 Development System
    This video shows how to get to up and running with the ADuCRF101 development system and access and download the supplied software tools.
  • How to Order the ADuCRF101 Evaluation Board
    The ADuCRF101is a complete data aquisiton system that is designed for low power wireless applications. It contains a 14-Bit precision ADC, a low power Cortex-M3 core , RF transceiver and flash/EE memory.
  • ADXL362: Enhanced Activity Detection for System-Level Power Savings
    The ADXL362 low power MEMS accelerometer offers an enhanced activity detection function that distinguishes between different kinds of motion, eliminating false positives and preventing unnecessary turn-on events that cost additional battery life.
  • ADXL362: Awake Status Output & Motion Activated Switch Function
    Patent-pending Awake Status Output pin enables the ADXL362 to function as part of a continuously operational, motion-activated switch, turning system functions on/ off, bypassing the processor, and reducing system-level power consumption.
  • ADXL362 Demo Video: Power Levels vs. Competition
    The ADXL362 MEMS accelerometer uses 2 μA at a 100 Hz data rate -- 80% less power than competing devices at the same frequency, and only 300 nA in motion-activated wake-up mode -- 60% less current than the closest competing sensor.
  • Analog Devices Multi Protocol Industrial Communications
    See how two key technologies – industrial communication modules and isolated transceivers – are used with a Blackfin® processor to simplify the coordination of multiple motor drives using multiprotocol industrial wired communications.
  • Touch Screen Robotic Arm Control through an Isolated CAN
    See how a robot arm controller board simplifies operation and improves accuracy with a signal and power isolated CAN transceiver and microcontroller that receives CAN messages from the Blackfin ezkit.
  • Complete Isolated DC to DC Converter Development Platform
    Featuring the ADP1046A. See a complete isolated DC-to-DC converter development platform that simplifies customized control algorithms of a full-bridge converter w/ synchronous rectifiers & isolated gate drivers using high level graphical I/F tools.
  • Motor Control Development Platform
    Featuring Boston Engineering. See a complete ac motor drive development platform that simplifies the deployment of customized control algorithms, along with standard function such as Field Oriented Control using high level graphical interface tools.
  • Digital Power Factor Correction with Accurate Power Metering
    Featuring the ADP1048. See how to simplify the adoption of intelligent power management systems using a flexible, digitally-controlled PFC (power factor correction) engine, accurate input metering and GUI interface.
  • PCIM 2012 Exhibit Overview by Anders Frederiksen
    Here about Analog Devices’ latest high performance signal processing technology demos which enable motor and inverter design engineers to design products with greater precision, energy efficiency and enhanced communications capabilities.
  • ezLINX™ iCoupler® Isolated Interface Development Environment
    ezLINX™ is an isolated interface development environment that allows for plug and play system evaluation of eight physical layer, digitally-isolated communication standards simultaneously (USB, RS-422, RS-485, RS-232, CAN, 2 x SPI, I²C, and LVDS).
  • Introduction to Multipoint LVDS and the ADN469xE Family
    Introduction to Analog Devices MLVDS (Multi-point Low Voltage Differential Signalling) transceivers with 8kV IEC ESD Protection. Overview of MLVDS application areas, characteristics and comparison with LVDS.
  • iCoupler® Digital Isolators in Motor Control Designs
    Learn how iCoupler digital isolator technology helps motor control system designers achieve their stringent design goals by providing many advantages over optocouplers in a motor control solution.
  • AD5686R nanoDAC+™: Huge Performance in a Tiny Package!
    The AD5686R nanoDAC+™ products are industry-leading, single-supply, rail-to-rail, precision DACs offering best-in-class dc performance (INL, offset error, gain error) and a low drift voltage reference in the smallest packages.
  • Introducing the Blackfin ADSP-BF60x Processors
    This video describes the new ADSP-BF60x series of high-performance Blackfin Processors. The BF608 and 609 are optimized for embedded vision applications and the BF606 and 607 are optimized for high-performance general purpose DSP applications.
  • Blackfin Processors Optimized for Embedded Vision
    The Blackfin BF608 and BF609 feature an analytics accelerator, the Pipelined Vision Processor. These Blackfins are optimized for variety of applications such as automotive driver assistance, industrial machine vision, and security & surveillance.
  • Preview Analog Devices Technology Demos for X-fest 2012
    X-fest is the premiere worldwide training event for FPGA designers. As a platinum sponsor, Analog Devices will join co-hosts Avnet and Xilinx in delivering the advanced technology solutions that will be demonstrated at an X-fest location near you.
  • Interface and Isolation Demonstration
    Shown is touch screen control of a robotic arm over an isolated CAN bus. The controller board contains the ADM3053 signal & power isolated CAN xceiver and is used w/ the ADuC7128 microcontroller to receive messages from the Blackfin BF548-EZ-KIT.
  • Bluetechnix Demonstrates a Plug-and-Play Camera System
    This video features a Plug-and-Play camera system that is based on the Blackfin processor and developed by Bluetechnix GmbH.
  • Interfacing FPGA’s (Field Programmable Gate Arrays)
    Featured is a variety of MEMS sensors and data conversion devices connected to and controlled by these FPGA development systems: Avnet Xilinx Spartan®-6 FPGA LX9 MicroBoard and Digilent Pmods™, and the Arrow Altera Cyclone IV BeMicro SDK.
  • Process Control Demonstration
    Featuring the AD5700 HART Modem and the AD5421 which is a complete, loop-powered, 4 mA to 20 mA digital-to-analog converter (DAC) that is designed to meet the needs of smart transmitter manufacturers in the industrial control industry.
  • ADuM3223 / 4223 Isolated 1/2 Gate Drivers with iCoupler Technology
    Learn how the ADuM3223 and ADuM4223 isolated gate drivers based on iCoupler® digital isolator technology can simplify the design of a robust half-bridge MOSFET driver versus optocoupler and other discrete solutions.
  • Blackfin® BF592 Introduction
    This video introduces the Blackfin® BF592 processor. It provides an overview of the low-cost, high performance, low-power, and small form factor processor with performance up to 400 MHz / 800 MMACs.
  • AD5700: Low Power HART Modem
    The AD5700 is a low power, Hart Modem with integrated precision oscillator. This video features ADI's HART Communication Foundation registered reference demo. The AD5700 is designed to interface easily with the following DACs: AD5421, AD5755, AD5422.
  • So, Why Aren’t You Using MEMS Microphones Yet?
    Microphone technology has not changed much since the 1960s... until now. This video describes the unique advantages of Analog Devices MEMS Microphone technology. The ADMP441 is a high performance, low power, digital output, omnidirectional MEMS Mic.
  • ADI MEMS Mics Set New Bar in Noise Performance
    Analog Devices has launched a new family of MEMS microphones with the lowest noise floor in the industry. Learn about the first member of this family, the ADMP504, and how these microphones can give your design a competitive edge.
  • AD7190 Active Functional ADC Model
    This video demonstrates how the ADC Active Functional Model is used to evaluate and debug the AD7190. The AD7190 is a low noise, complete AFE for high precision measurement applications; it contains a 24-bit sigma-delta ADC & a low noise gain stage.
  • The Importance of Isolation in Healthcare Applications
    Learn how iCoupler® digital isolators provide a simple solution for connecting patients to a peripheral monitor or PC in a safe and isolated manner.
  • Reinforced Insulation on Optocoupler, Digital and Capacitive Isolators
    Analog Devices iCoupler® digital isolators meet the same safety requirements as optocouplers.
  • Clocking Options for SPI Using iCoupler® Digital Isolators
    This video shows a few examples of how to optimize clocking options using digital isolators in SPI applications. When selecting the right isolator, data rate is important, but the propagation delay through the isolator is even more important.
  • Measuring Common-Mode Transient Immunity of Isolators
    Common-Mode Transient Immunity, or CMTI, is an important characteristic of isolators. This video measures this key parameter to compare how iCoupler® Digital Isolators compare capacitor-based isolators and optocouplers.
  • isoPower®: Integrated, Isolated Power & Data in One Package
    Designs that need isolated data often need isolated power. iCoupler digital isolator technology isolates data by replacing optocouplers & can be used to create isolated DC-to-DC converters in a single package w/ data isolation. We call this isoPower.
  • Isolated Controller Area Network (CAN)
    This demonstration shows the seamless integration of an isolated CAN (controller area network) transceiver over an isolated CAN network. The demo highlight the application of the Analog Devices evaluation tool kit to a robotic arm control.
  • iCMOS™ Switches and Multiplexers
    Analog Devices proprietary iCMOS manufacturing process combines high voltage silicon with submicron CMOS and complementary bipolar technologies.
  • The ADI Advantage in Integrated Isolated Transceivers
    Transceivers with integrated digital isolators and integrated isolated power, designed to simplify customers’ isolation needs. This video summarizes the advantage of the industry’s broadest portfolio of integrated isolated transceivers.
  • How iCoupler® Digital Isolators Achieve 8.3mm Creepage
    Learn how iCoupler digital isolators have achieved the CSA certification for packaging with a minimum of 8mm creepage for systems that operate up to 220-250 V AC, enabling designers to replace optocouplers.
  • 5kVrms Signal and Power Isolated RS-485 Transceivers
    The ADM2682E and ADM2687E are a key addition to ADI’s portfolio of isolated transceivers integrating ADI’s iCoupler digital isolator technology and ADI’s isoPower technology.
  • AD8475: Precision, Selectable Gain, Fully Differential Funnel Amplifier
    The Analog Devices AD8475 is a fully differential, attenuating amplifier with integrated precision gain resistors.
  • ADA4930: Single Supply Low Noise ADC Driver
    Analog Devices showcases the first Single-Supply ADC Driver that is capable of driving 40 MSPS to 200 MSPS, 1.8V, 14 Bit analog to digital converters.
  • ADA4528: Lowest Noise, Zero-Drift Amplifier Enabling 24-bit Resolution
    ADA4528 achieves the lowest voltage noise in zero-drift amps which improves system SNR and enables high system resolution. Ideal for instrumentation and medical applications requiring precision over time and temperature without system calibration.
  • High Temperature Operation of the ADXL206 and AD8229
    The 175 °C rated ADXL206 accelerometer and the 210 °C rated AD8229 instrumentation amplifier are used to plot the thermal gradient in a rotisserie oven by combining inclination angle and thermocouple temperature measurements.
  • Shock and Vibration Rejection of MEMS Gyroscopes
    The gyroscope demo presents 2 ADI MEMS gyros (ADXRS800, ADXRS450) and 2 competitor gyros. Watch the output of each gyro in response to the applied rate of rotation. Shown is the superior shock and vibration rejection performance of ADI’s gyros.
  • MEMS Inertial Sensor Enabled Head Impact Telemetry System
    The demo features a football concussion analysis system by Simbex Corporation. Each helmet contains 6 high g accelerometers, a DSP and transmitter. A laptop receives data wirelessly, does the analysis and displays magnitude and direction of the hit.
  • Vibration Immunity in Analog Devices MEMS Gyroscopes
    This video shows a side-by-side demo of the Analog Devices MEMS gyroscope and a competitive gyro, comparing their responses when erroneous input stimuli are applied. Our new gyros exhibit high immunity to shock, vibration & linear acceleration.
  • Insulation Thickness in Reinforced Isolation Devices
    Electrical systems often use insulation for proper operation of circuits, protection of operators from electric shock, or enhanced protection when voltages could generate lethal shocks.
  • iCoupler® Technology: An Alternative to Optocouplers
    iCoupler® digital isolation technology addresses limitations of optocouplers. Optocouplers are slow, power hungry, difficult to integrate with other functions and degrade over time.
  • ADuM4160: First Single Package USB Isolation Solution
    The ADuM4160 is an integrated single chip USB isolator. It is designed to provide isolation in the D+/D- lines and works with existing USB ports.
  • ADuM322x: iCoupler®, Dual Channel Gate Driver
    The ADuM322x are dual-channel gate drivers designed for use in synchronous DC/DC converters. The family of devices integrates both iCoupler® digital isolator technology and 4A peak current gate drivers in a single, small SO-8 package.
  • 2.5kV rms Digital Isolators with Integrated, Isolated Power
    The ADuM520x and the ADuM540x families are the second generation of isoPower products released by Analog Devices' proprietary iCoupler technology.
  • High Temperature Operation of an In Amp and Accelerometer
    This video shows the high temperation operation of the AD8229 Instrumentation Amplifier (210 C) and the ADXL206 Accelerometer (175 C). Both parts were designed from 'the ground up' and are the first products of their kind in the market.
  • ADM3052/ADM3053: Fully Isolated CAN
    The ADM3052 is an isolated controller area network (CAN) physical layer transceiver with a V+ integrated linear regulator. The ADM3052 complies with the ISO 11898 standard.
  • iSensor Demo for Tri-Axial Motion Sensing
    Features of the iMEMS tri-axial sensor.
  • MEMS Vibration/Shock Sensor
    This overview video describes the unique features of the ADXL001 iMEMS® shock and vibration sensor designed for industrial equipment monitoring applications.
  • PLC Level Sensor Demo
    ADI demonstrates a multi-channel Industrial Process Control Evaluation system, which can be used in a variety of industrial applications such as PLC/DCS and Transmitter designs.
  • AD5755: 16-Bit Multi-Channel Control IC
    The AD5755 is a complete 16-Bit quad-channel control IC that integrates ADI's precision data conversion, signal conditioning and power management technologies.
  • AD5421: 16-bit 4mA to 20mA DAC
    The AD5421 is a loop powered 16-bit 4mA to 20mA digital to analog converter (DAC) and features integrated precision converters and smart power management circuitry. The AD5421 is the industry's lowest power 4mA to 20mA DAC.
  • SHARC® Processors for Industrial
    ADI's new 400 MHz SHARC 2148x processor series brings high performance native floating point processing to a new cost point for products in test & measurement, renewable energy, motor control and smart grid applications.
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