Glossary of EE Terms


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  • Negative Gain Error

    For bipolar input ADCs, this is the deviation of the first code transition from the ideal -FS + 1/2 LSB after Bipolar Zero Error has been adjusted out.

  • Noise

    Where Z is the input impedance, FS is the full scale of the device for the frequency in question, SNR is the value for the particular input level and Signal is the signal level within the ADC reported in dB below full scale. This value includes both thermal and quantization noise.

  • Noise Spectral Density (DAC)

    Noise spectral density is the integration of the DAC noise power into a small frequency band. It is measured in dBm/Hz or nV/rHz.

  • Nominal Resistor Tolerance - RAB

    Is a possible deviation of RAB from its ideal value measured as a percentage.

  • Non-Dispersive Infrared (NDIR) Gas Detection

    Non-dispersive infrared gas detection is similar to an infrared spectrophotometer, in that a light source containing infrared wavelengths is directed into a sample gas (the length of the chamber can determine the resolution of the measurement; longer - more resolution) and a detector located on the other side of the gas determines how much light passed through and, therefore, how much light was absorbed. However, the difference is that the light is filtered before getting to the detector, with the filter being specifically chosen to allow a specific gas’ wavelength to pass (hence the term “non-dispersive”). The light that gets to the detector is compared with the light of a reference gas to determine the concentration of the specific gas.

  • Nyquist Theorum

    This theorum says that if a continuous bandwidth-limited signal contains no frequency components higher than fC then the original signal can be recovered without distortion if it is sampled at a rate of at least 2 fC. This theorum applies to A/D converter applications as well as data transmission density over limited-bandwidth channels.

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