Glossary of EE Terms


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  • HART

    The HART Communications Protocol (Highway Addressable Remote Transducer Protocol) is used to communicate diagnostic information to and from field instruments, actuators and valves over legacy 4 mA to 20 mA analog loop-wiring to industrial controllers. In this way, extra industrial wiring, which is expensive, does not have to be resourced and maintained.

  • Heading

    Heading is the direction toward which an object in motion is pointing.

  • Heterodyne

    A process by which two signals are mixed for the purpose of cross-frequency translation. Integral Nonlinearity (INL) This term describes the absolute accuracy of a converter. It is the maximum deviation, at any point in the transfer function, of the converter's output from its ideal value.

  • Hold Time (tH)

    The amount of time required for the digital inputs to remain static after a rising clock edge.

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