Analog Switches

Choose from the industry’s largest selection of analog switches in leading-edge small packages. ADI offers multiple configurations of SPST (up to eight in a package) and SPDT (up to four in a package) in standard plastic packages as well as in space-saving LFCSP and WLCSP packages. Switch Ron performance is industry-best, with the ADG801 series switches offering < 1 Ω guaranteed Ron over the full voltage range and temperature specification.

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Analog CMOS Switches

Part# Channel ConfigRon (ohms)Max Pos SupplyMax Neg SupplyPrice* (1000 pcs.)
ADG5401SPST x 1-22V9V $1.6
ADG5419(2:1) x 112.5Ohm22V-9V $1.71
ADG5421SPST x 2-40V0V $1.85
ADG5423SPST x 2-40V0V $1.85
ADG5206(16:1) x 1-36V-15V $4.4
ADG5207(16:1) x 1, (8:1) x 1-36V- $4.4
ADG5233(2:1) x 3160Ohm36V22V $2.15
ADG5234(2:1) x 4160Ohm36V22V $3.04
ADG5236Reference Circuit Available(2:1) x 2160Ohm36V22V $2.26
ADG5212SPST x 4160Ohm40V22V $2.18
ADG5213SPST x 4160Ohm40V22V $2.18
ADG4612Reference Circuit AvailableSPST x 44.5Ohm12V5V $1.84
ADG4613SPST x 44.5Ohm12V5V $1.84
ADG5412SPST x 49Ohm40V20V $2.18
ADG5413SPST x 49Ohm36V20V $2.18
ADG5433(2:1) x 312.5Ohm40V22V $2.15
ADG5434(2:1) x 412.5Ohm40V22V $3.04
ADG5436(2:1) x 29Ohm40V22V $2.26
ADG1401SPST x 11Ohm16.5V16.5V $1.44
ADG1402SPST x 11Ohm16.5V16.5V $1.44
ADG1414Reference Circuit AvailableSPST x 89.5Ohm16.5V16.5V $3.14
ADG1419(2:1) x 12.1Ohm16.5V16.5V $1.52
ADG1421SPST x 22.1Ohm16.5V16.6V $1.62
ADG1422SPST x 22.1Ohm16.5V15V $1.62
ADG1423SPST x 22.1Ohm16.5V16.5V $1.62
ADG1633(2:1) x 34.5Ohm16V8V $1.72
ADG1634(2:1) x 44.5Ohm16V8V $2.35
ADG1611Reference Circuit AvailableSPST x 41Ohm16V8V $1.75
ADG1612Reference Circuit AvailableSPST x 41Ohm16V8V $1.75
ADG1613SPST x 41Ohm16V8V $1.75
ADG1636Reference Circuit Available(2:1) x 21Ohm16V8V $1.83
ADG1411SPST x 41.8Ohm16.5V16.5V $2.66
ADG1412SPST x 41.5Ohm16.5V16.5V $2.66
ADG1413SPST x 41.5Ohm16.5V16.5V $2.66
ADG1436(2:1) x 21.5Ohm16.5V16.5V $2.83
ADG1219(2:1) x 1120Ohm16.5V16.5V $1.51
ADG772(2:1) x 26.7Ohm3.6V0V $0.81
ADG1221-120Ohm16.5V16V $1.27
ADG1222-120Ohm16.5V16V $1.27
ADG1223-120Ohm16.5V16V $1.27
ADG1433(2:1) x 34Ohm16.5V16.5V $2.55
ADG701LSPST x 12Ohm5.5V0V $0.61
ADG702LSPST x 12Ohm5.5V0V $0.61
ADG1233(2:1) x 3120Ohm16.5V16.5V $2.3
ADG1234(2:1) x 4120Ohm16.5V16.5V $2.96
ADG1334(2:1) x 4130Ohm16.5V16.5V $1.62
ADG1434(2:1) x 44Ohm16.5V16.5V $3.3
ADG1236(2:1) x 2120Ohm16.5V16.5V $1.94
ADG1311SPST x 4130Ohm16.5V16.5V $1.05
ADG1312SPST x 4130Ohm16.5V16.5V $1.05
ADG1313SPST x 4130Ohm16.5V16.5V $1.05
ADG1211Reference Circuit Available-120Ohm16.2V16.2V $1.94
ADG1212-120Ohm16.2V16.2V $1.94
ADG1213SPST x 4120Ohm16.2V16.2V $1.94
ADG888(2:1) x 2, (2:1) x 4400mOhm5.5V0V $1.62
ADG841SPST x 1280mOhm3.6V0V $0.58
ADG842SPST x 1280mOhm3.6V0V $0.58
ADG787Reference Circuit Available(2:1) x 22.5Ohm5.5V0V $0.93
ADG839(2:1) x 1350mOhm3.6V0V $0.63
ADG884(2:1) x 2280mOhm5.5V0V $0.91
ADG849Reference Circuit Available(2:1) x 1700mOhm5.5V0V $0.65
ADG936(2:1) x 2-2.75V0V $1.46
ADG836L(2:1) x 2500mOhm3.6V0V $0.99
ADG904Reference Circuit Available(4:1) x 1-2.75V0V $1.42
ADG811SPST x 4500mOhm3.6V0V $1.22
ADG812SPST x 4500mOhm3.6V0V $1.23
ADG813SPST x 4500mOhm3.6V0V $1.23
ADG836(2:1) x 2500mOhm3.6V- $0.99
ADG901SPST x 1-2.75V- $0.98
ADG902SPST x 1-2.75V- $0.98
ADG918(2:1) x 1-2.75V- $1.03
ADG919(2:1) x 1-2.75V- $1.03
ADG633Reference Circuit Available(2:1) x 352Ohm6V6V $0.86
ADG821SPST x 2500mOhm5.5V- $1.03
ADG822SPST x 2500mOhm5.5V- $1.03
ADG823SPST x 2500mOhm5.5V0V $1.03
ADG801SPST x 1250mOhm5.5V- $0.91
ADG802SPST x 1250mOhm5.5V0V $0.91
ADG819(2:1) x 1500mOhm5.5V0V $0.94
ADG611SPST x 485Ohm5.5V5.5V $1.47
ADG612SPST x 485Ohm5.5V5.5V $1.47
ADG613SPST x 485Ohm5.5V5.5V $1.47
ADG636(2:1) x 285Ohm5.5V5.5V $1.57
ADG601SPST x 12Ohm5.5V5.5V $0.9
ADG602SPST x 12Ohm5.5V5.5V $0.9
ADG619(2:1) x 14Ohm5.5V5.5V $0.95
ADG620(2:1) x 14Ohm5.5V5.5V **
ADG622SPST x 24Ohm5.5V5.5V **
ADG623SPST x 24Ohm5.5V5.5V **
ADG779(2:1) x 12.5Ohm5.5V0V $0.65
ADG786(2:1) x 32.5Ohm5.5V2.5V $1.11
ADG788(2:1) x 42.5Ohm5.5V2.75V $1.37
ADG621SPST x 24Ohm5.5V5.5V $0.95
ADG781SPST x 42.5Ohm5.5V- $0.91
ADG782SPST x 42.5Ohm5.5V- $0.91
ADG783SPST x 42.5Ohm5.5V- $0.91
ADG733Reference Circuit Available(2:1) x 32.5Ohm5.5V2.5V $1.11
ADG734(2:1) x 42.5Ohm5.5V2.75V $1.37
ADG741SPST x 12Ohm5.5V0V $0.66
ADG742SPST x 12Ohm5.5V0V $0.66
ADG749(2:1) x 12.5Ohm5.5V0V $0.71
ADG714SPST x 82.5Ohm5.5V2.75V $1.77
ADG715SPST x 82.5Ohm5.5V2.75V $1.77
ADG751SPST x 115Ohm5.5V0V $0.91
ADG752(2:1) x 115Ohm5.5V0V $1.18
ADG711SPST x 42.5Ohm5.5V- $0.91
ADG712SPST x 42.5Ohm5.5V- $0.91
ADG713SPST x 42.5Ohm5.5V- $0.96
ADG736(2:1) x 22.5Ohm5.5V- $0.91
ADG701SPST x 12Ohm5.5V0V $0.61
ADG702Reference Circuit AvailableSPST x 12Ohm5.5V0V $0.64
ADG719(2:1) x 12.5Ohm5.5V0V $0.69
ADG721SPST x 24Ohm5.5V- $0.66
ADG722SPST x 24Ohm5.5V- $0.63
ADG723SPST x 24Ohm5.5V0V $0.63
ADG451SPST x 44Ohm16.5V16.5V $1.97
ADG452SPST x 44Ohm16.5V16.5V $1.97
ADG453SPST x 44Ohm16.5V16.5V $1.97
ADG465Channel Protector x 180Ohm20V20V **
ADG467Channel Protector x 862Ohm20V20V $2.4
ADG436(2:1) x 212Ohm30V20V $2.57
ADG333A(2:1) x 420Ohm20V20V $2.76
ADG417SPST x 125Ohm16.5V16.5V $1.03
ADG419(2:1) x 125Ohm16.5V16.5V $1.3
ADG441SPST x 440Ohm16.5V16.5V $0.76
ADG442Reference Circuit AvailableSPST x 440Ohm16.5V16.5V $0.76
ADG444SPST x 440Ohm16.5V16.5V $0.76
ADG431SPST x 417Ohm16.5V16.5V $2.18
ADG432SPST x 417Ohm16.5V16.5V $2.18
ADG433SPST x 417Ohm16.5V16.5V $2.18
ADG413SPST x 425Ohm16.5V16.5V $1.97
ADG513SPST x 430Ohm5.5V5.5V $2.38
ADG411SPST x 425Ohm16.5V16.5V $1.97
ADG412Reference Circuit AvailableSPST x 425Ohm16.5V16.5V $1.97
ADG511SPST x 430Ohm5.5V5.5V $2.27
ADG512SPST x 430Ohm5.5V5.5V $2.27
ADG201HSSPST x 430Ohm16.5V16.5V $2.75
ADG211ASPST x 4115Ohm15V15V $1.41
ADG212ASPST x 4115Ohm15V15V $1.41
ADG201ASPST x 460Ohm15V15V $1.64
ADG202ASPST x 460Ohm15V15V $1.69
ADG221SPST x 460Ohm15V15V $1.66
ADG222SPST x 460Ohm15V15V **
AD7510SPST x 475Ohm15V15V **
AD7511SPST x 475Ohm15V15V $7.02
AD7512(2:1) x 275Ohm15V15V **
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Bipolar-Input, Dual Supply Switches

Part# Configuration# Sw FunctionsRon (ohms)Supply Voltaget OFFt OFF Switching Timet ON switching timePrice* (1000 pcs.)
ADG465Channel Protector180OhmDual (±15V)--- **
ADG467Channel Protector862OhmDual (±15V)--- $2.4
ADG211ASPST/NC4115OhmMultiple (±15V, +5V)450ns450ns600ns $1.41
ADG212ASPST/NO4115OhmMultiple (±15V, +5V)450ns450ns600ns $1.41
ADG201ASPST/NC460OhmDual (±15V)250ns250ns300ns $1.64
ADG202ASPST/NO460OhmDual (±15V)250ns250ns300ns $1.69
ADG221SPST/NC460OhmDual (±15V)250ns250ns300ns $1.66
ADG222SPST/NO460OhmDual (±15V)250ns250ns300ns **
AD7510SPST/NO475OhmDual (±15V)350ns350ns180ns **
AD7511SPST/NC475OhmDual (±15V)180ns180ns350ns $7.02
AD7512SPDT/NO-NC275OhmDual (±15V)--- **
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Ultra-Low Ron (< 1 Ohm) Switches

Part# Configuration# Sw FunctionsRon (ohms)Id_Is_ONIs OFFSupply VoltagePower DissipationON-Sw I-CapabilityWidest Temp Range (°C)Price* (1000 pcs.)
ADG1401SPST/NO11Ohm200pA50pADual (±15V), Dual (±5V), Single (+12V)1.44mW430mA-40 to +125 $1.44
ADG1402SPST/NC11Ohm200pA50pADual (±15V), Dual (±5V), Single (+12V)1.44mW430mA-40 to +125 $1.44
ADG1611Reference Circuit AvailableSPST/NC41Ohm200pA100pADual (±3V), Dual (±5V), Single (+12V), Single (+3.3V)5.8mW280mA-40 to +125 $1.75
ADG1612Reference Circuit AvailableSPST/NO41Ohm200pA100pADual (±3.3V), Dual (±5V), Single (+12V), Single (+3.3V), Single (+5V)5.8mW280mA-40 to +125 $1.75
ADG1613SPST/NO-NC41Ohm200pA100pADual (±3.3V), Dual (±5V), Single (+12V)5.8mW280mA-40 to +125 $1.75
ADG1636Reference Circuit AvailableSPDT/NO-NC21Ohm300pA100pADual (±3.3V), Dual (±5V), Single (+12V), Single (+3.3V), Single (+5V)4.5mW385mA-40 to +125 $1.83
ADG888DPDT/NO-NC2400mOhm200pA200pASingle (+1.8V to +5.5V)20µW400mA-40 to +125 $1.62
ADG841SPST/NO1280mOhm200pA200pASingle (+1.65V to +3.6V)14.4µW300mA-40 to +125 $0.58
ADG842SPST/NC1280mOhm200pA200pASingle (+1.65V to +3.6V)14.4µW300mA-40 to +125 $0.58
ADG839SPDT/NO-NC1350mOhm200pA200pASingle (+1.65V to +3.6V)3.6µW300mA-40 to +125 $0.63
ADG884SPDT/NO-NC2280mOhm200pA200pASingle (+1.8V to +5.5V)5.5µW400mA-40 to +85 $0.91
ADG849Reference Circuit AvailableSPDT/NO-NC1700mOhm40pA10pASingle (+2.7V to +5.5V)5.5nW400mA-40 to +125 $0.65
ADG836LSPDT/NO-NC2500mOhm200pA200pASingle (+1.65V to +3.6V)3.6µW300mA-40 to +125 $0.99
ADG811SPST/NC4500mOhm200pA200pASingle (+1.65V to +1.95V), Single (+2.5V), Single (+2.7V to +3.6V), Single (+3.3V), Single (+3V)14.4µW300mA-40 to +125 $1.22
ADG812SPST/NO4500mOhm200pA200pASingle (+1.65V to +1.95V), Single (+2.5V), Single (+2.7V to +3.6V), Single (+3.3V), Single (+3V)14.4µW300mA-40 to +125 $1.23
ADG813SPST/NO-NC4500mOhm200pA200pASingle (+1.65V to +1.95V), Single (+2.5V), Single (+2.7V to +3.6V), Single (+3.3V), Single (+3V)14.4µW300mA-40 to +125 $1.23
ADG836SPDT/NO-NC2500mOhm200pA200pASingle (+1.65V to +1.95V), Single (+2.5V), Single (+2.7V to +3.6V), Single (+3.3V), Single (+3V)3.6µW300mA-40 to +125 $0.99
ADG821SPST/NO2500mOhm10pA10pASingle (+3.3V), Single (+3V), Single (+5V)5µW200mA-40 to +125 $1.03
ADG822SPST/NC2500mOhm10pA10pASingle (+3.3V), Single (+3V), Single (+5V)5µW200mA-40 to +125 $1.03
ADG823SPST/NO-NC2500mOhm10pA10pASingle (+3.3V), Single (+3V), Single (+5V)5µW200mA-40 to +125 $1.03
ADG801SPST/NO1250mOhm10pA10pASingle (+3.3V), Single (+3V), Single (+5V)5µW400mA-40 to +125 $0.91
ADG802SPST/NC1250mOhm10pA10pASingle (+3.3V), Single (+3V), Single (+5V)5µW400mA-40 to +125 $0.91
ADG819SPDT/NO-NC1500mOhm10pA10pASingle (+3.3V), Single (+3V), Single (+5V)5µW200mA-40 to +125 $0.94
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Single Supply/Low Ron (Under 10 Ohms)

Part# Configuration# Sw FunctionsRon (ohms)Id, Is (ON)Is OFFON-Sw I-CapabilityMin Pos SupplyMax Pos SupplyPower DissWidest Temp Range (°C)Price* (1000 pcs.)
ADG4612Reference Circuit AvailableSPST/NO44.5Ohm7nA3nA175mA5V12V7.2mW-40 to +105 $1.84
ADG4613SPST/NO-NC44.5Ohm7nA3nA175mA5V12V7.2mW-40 to +105 $1.84
ADG5412SPST/NO49Ohm100pA50pA170mA9V40V1mW-40 to +125 $2.18
ADG5413SPST/NO-NC49Ohm100pA50pA70mA9V36V1mW-40 to +125 $2.18
ADG5436SPDT/NO-NC29Ohm100pA50pA130mA9V40V1.1mW-40 to +125 $2.26
ADG1401SPST/NO11Ohm200pA50pA430mA4.5V16.5V1.44mW-40 to +125 $1.44
ADG1402SPST/NC11Ohm200pA50pA430mA4.5V16.5V1.44mW-40 to +125 $1.44
ADG1414Reference Circuit AvailableSPST/NO89.5Ohm100pA50pA300mA13.5V16.5V2.8mW-40 to +125 $3.14
ADG1419SPDT/NO-NC22.1Ohm200pA100pA390mA5V16.5V2mW-40 to +125 $1.52
ADG1421SPST/NO22.1Ohm200pA100pA250mA4.5V16.5V1.8mW-40 to +125 $1.62
ADG1422SPST/NC22.1Ohm200pA100pA250mA5V16.5V1.8mW-40 to +125 $1.62
ADG1423SPST/NO-NC22.1Ohm200pA100pA250mA4.5V16.5V1.8mW-40 to +125 $1.62
ADG1633SPDT/NO-NC24.5Ohm20pA10pA206mA3.3V16V12nW-40 to +125 $1.72
ADG1634SPDT/NO-NC44.5Ohm20pA10pA206mA3.3V16V12nW-40 to +125 $2.35
ADG1611Reference Circuit AvailableSPST/NC41Ohm200pA100pA280mA3.3V16V5.8mW-40 to +125 $1.75
ADG1612Reference Circuit AvailableSPST/NO41Ohm200pA100pA280mA3V16V5.8mW-40 to +125 $1.75
ADG1613SPST/NO-NC41Ohm200pA100pA280mA3.3V16V5.8mW-40 to +125 $1.75
ADG1636Reference Circuit AvailableSPDT/NO-NC21Ohm300pA100pA385mA3.3V16V4.5mW-40 to +125 $1.83
ADG1411SPST/NC41.8Ohm150pA30pA250mA4.5V16.5V4.97mW-40 to +125 $2.66
ADG1412SPST/NO41.5Ohm150pA30pA250mA4.5V16.5V4.97mW-40 to +125 $2.66
ADG1413SPST/NO-NC41.5Ohm150pA30pA250mA4.5V16.5V4.97mW-40 to +125 $2.66
ADG1436SPDT/NO-NC21.5Ohm100pA40pA400mA4.5V16.5V30µW-40 to +125 $2.83
ADG772SPDT/NO-NC26.7Ohm200pA200pA30mA2.7V3.6V21.6nW-40 to +85 $0.81
ADG1433SPDT/NO-NC34Ohm50pA40pA-4.5V16.5V6.6mW-40 to +125 $2.55
ADG701LSPST/NO12Ohm10pA10pA-1.8V5.5V5µW-40 to +85 $0.61
ADG702LSPST/NC12Ohm38pA17pA-1.8V5.5V5µW-40 to +85 $0.61
ADG1434SPDT/NO-NC44Ohm50pA40pA-4.5V16.5V6.6mW-40 to +125 $3.3
ADG888DPDT/NO-NC2400mOhm200pA200pA400mA1.8V5.5V20µW-40 to +125 $1.62
ADG841SPST/NO1280mOhm200pA200pA300mA1.65V3.6V14.4µW-40 to +125 $0.58
ADG842SPST/NC1280mOhm200pA200pA300mA1.65V3.6V14.4µW-40 to +125 $0.58
ADG787Reference Circuit AvailableSPDT/NO-NC22.5Ohm50nA50nA-2.7V5.5V5.5µW-40 to +85 $0.93
ADG839SPDT/NO-NC1350mOhm200pA200pA300mA1.65V3.6V3.6µW-40 to +125 $0.63
ADG884SPDT/NO-NC2280mOhm200pA200pA400mA1.8V5.5V5.5µW-40 to +85 $0.91
ADG849Reference Circuit AvailableSPDT/NO-NC1700mOhm40pA10pA400mA2.7V5.5V5.5nW-40 to +125 $0.65
ADG836LSPDT/NO-NC2500mOhm200pA200pA300mA1.65V3.6V3.6µW-40 to +125 $0.99
ADG811SPST/NC4500mOhm200pA200pA300mA1.65V3.6V14.4µW-40 to +125 $1.22
ADG812SPST/NO4500mOhm200pA200pA300mA1.65V3.6V14.4µW-40 to +125 $1.23
ADG813SPST/NO-NC4500mOhm200pA200pA300mA1.65V3.6V14.4µW-40 to +125 $1.23
ADG836SPDT/NO-NC2500mOhm200pA200pA300mA1.65V3.6V3.6µW-40 to +125 $0.99
ADG821SPST/NO2500mOhm10pA10pA200mA1.8V5.5V5µW-40 to +125 $1.03
ADG822SPST/NC2500mOhm10pA10pA200mA1.8V5.5V5µW-40 to +125 $1.03
ADG823SPST/NO-NC2500mOhm10pA10pA200mA1.8V5.5V5µW-40 to +125 $1.03
ADG801SPST/NO1250mOhm10pA10pA400mA2.7V5.5V5µW-40 to +125 $0.91
ADG802SPST/NC1250mOhm10pA10pA400mA1.8V5.5V5µW-40 to +125 $0.91
ADG819SPDT/NO-NC1500mOhm10pA10pA200mA1.8V5.5V5µW-40 to +125 $0.94
ADG601SPST/NO12Ohm10pA10pA-2.7V5.5V10µW-40 to +85 $0.9
ADG602SPST/NC12Ohm10pA10pA-2.7V5.5V10µW-40 to +85 $0.9
ADG619SPDT/NO-NC14Ohm10pA10pA-2.7V5.5V10µW-40 to +85 $0.95
ADG620SPDT/NO-NC14Ohm10pA10pA-2.7V5.5V10µW-40 to +85 **
ADG622SPST/NC24Ohm10pA10pA-2.7V5.5V10µW-40 to +85 **
ADG623SPST/NO-NC24Ohm10pA10pA-2.7V5.5V10µW-40 to +85 **
ADG779SPDT/NO-NC12.5Ohm10pA10pA-1.8V5.5V5µW-40 to +85 $0.65
ADG786SPDT/NO-NC32.5Ohm10pA10pA-1.8V5.5V5µW-40 to +85 $1.11
ADG788SPDT/NO-NC42.5Ohm10pA10pA-2.25V5.5V5µW-40 to +85 $1.37
ADG621SPST/NO24Ohm10pA10pA-2.7V5.5V10µW-40 to +85 $0.95
ADG781SPST/NC42.5Ohm10pA10pA-2.7V5.5V5µW-40 to +85 $0.91
ADG782SPST/NO42.5Ohm10pA10pA-2.7V5.5V5µW-40 to +85 $0.91
ADG783SPST/NO-NC42.5Ohm10pA10pA-2.7V5.5V5µW-40 to +85 $0.91
ADG733Reference Circuit AvailableSPDT/NO-NC32.5Ohm10pA10pA-1.8V5.5V5µW-40 to +85 $1.11
ADG734SPDT/NO-NC42.5Ohm10pA10pA-1.8V5.5V5µW-40 to +85 $1.37
ADG741SPST/NO12Ohm10pA10pA-1.8V5.5V5µW-40 to +85 $0.66
ADG742SPST/NC12Ohm10pA10pA-1.8V5.5V5µW-40 to +85 $0.66
ADG749SPDT/NO-NC12.5Ohm10pA10pA-1.8V5.5V5µW-40 to +125 $0.71
ADG714SPST/NO82.5Ohm10pA10pA-2.7V5.5V125µW-40 to +85 $1.77
ADG715SPST/NO82.5Ohm10pA10pA-2.7V5.5V125µW-40 to +85 $1.77
ADG711SPST/NC42.5Ohm10pA10pA-1.8V5.5V5µW-40 to +85 $0.91
ADG712SPST/NO42.5Ohm10pA10pA-1.8V5.5V5µW-40 to +85 $0.91
ADG713SPST/NO-NC42.5Ohm10pA10pA-1.8V5.5V5µW-40 to +85 $0.96
ADG736SPDT/NO-NC22.5Ohm10pA10pA-1.8V5.5V5µW-40 to +125 $0.91
ADG701SPST/NO12Ohm10pA10pA-1.8V5.5V5µW-40 to +85 $0.61
ADG702Reference Circuit AvailableSPST/NC12Ohm10pA10pA-1.8V5.5V5µW-40 to +85 $0.64
ADG719SPDT/NO-NC12.5Ohm10pA10pA-1.8V5.5V5µW-40 to +125 $0.69
ADG721SPST/NO24Ohm10pA10pA-1.8V5.5V5µW-40 to +85 $0.66
ADG722SPST/NC24Ohm10pA10pA-1.8V5.5V5µW-40 to +85 $0.63
ADG723SPST/NO-NC24Ohm10pA10pA-1.8V5.5V5µW-40 to +85 $0.63
ADG451SPST/NC44Ohm40pA20pA-4.5V16.5V17.5µW-40 to +85 $1.97
ADG452SPST/NO44Ohm40pA20pA-4.5V16.5V17.5µW-40 to +85 $1.97
ADG453SPST/NO-NC44Ohm40pA20pA-4.5V16.5V17.5µW-40 to +85 $1.97
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>100MHz BW Vid/IF Sw

Part# Configuration# Sw FunctionsOff IsolationRon (ohms)Supply Voltage-3dB BandwidthPower DissipationPrice* (1000 pcs.)
ADG5401---50dB-Dual (±15V), Dual (±20V), Single (+12V), Single (+36V)170MHz- $1.6
ADG5419-1-12.5OhmDual (±15V), Dual (±20V), Single (+12V)190MHz- $1.71
ADG5421-----250MHz- $1.85
ADG5423-----250MHz- $1.85
ADG5233SPDT/NO-NC3-75dB160OhmDual (±15V), Dual (±20V), Single (+12V), Single (+15V), Single (+36V)205MHz1.1mW $2.15
ADG5234SPDT/NO-NC4-75dB160OhmDual (±15V), Dual (±20V), Single (+12V), Single (+36V)205MHz1.1mW $3.04
ADG5236Reference Circuit AvailableSPDT/NO-NC2-85dB160OhmDual (±15V), Dual (±20V), Single (+12V), Single (+36V)266MHz1.1mW $2.26
ADG5212SPST/NO4-105dB160OhmDual (±15V), Dual (±20V), Single (+12V), Single (+36V)435MHz- $2.18
ADG5213SPST/NO-NC4-105dB160OhmDual (±15V), Dual (±20V), Single (+12V), Single (+36V)460MHz- $2.18
ADG4612Reference Circuit AvailableSPST/NO4-56dB4.5OhmDual (±3.3V), Dual (±3V), Dual (±5V), Single (+12V), Single (+3.3V), Single (+3V), Single (+5V)250MHz7.2mW $1.84
ADG4613SPST/NO-NC4-56dB4.5OhmDual (±3.3V), Dual (±3V), Dual (±5V), Single (+12V), Single (+3.3V), Single (+3V), Single (+5V)250MHz7.2mW $1.84
ADG5412SPST/NO4-78dB9OhmDual (±15V), Dual (±20V), Single (+12V), Single (+36V)160MHz1mW $2.18
ADG5413SPST/NO-NC4-78dB9OhmDual (±15V), Dual (±20V), Single (+12V), Single (+36V)160MHz1mW $2.18
ADG5433SPDT/NO-NC3-60dB12.5OhmDual (±12V), Dual (±15V), Dual (±20V), Single (+12V), Single (+15V), Single (+36V)150MHz1.4mW $2.15
ADG5434SPDT/NO-NC4-60dB12.5OhmDual (±12V), Dual (±15V), Dual (±20V), Single (+12V), Single (+15V), Single (+36V)140MHz1.4mW $3.04
ADG5436SPDT/NO-NC2-78dB9OhmDual (±15V), Dual (±20V), Single (+12V), Single (+36V)100MHz1.1mW $2.26
ADG1401SPST/NO1-58dB1OhmDual (±15V), Dual (±5V), Single (+12V)120MHz1.44mW $1.44
ADG1402SPST/NC1-58dB1OhmDual (±15V), Dual (±5V), Single (+12V)120MHz1.44mW $1.44
ADG1414Reference Circuit AvailableSPST/NO8-73dB9.5OhmDual (±15V), Dual (±5V), Single (+12V)256MHz2.8mW $3.14
ADG1419SPDT/NO-NC2-64dB2.1OhmDual (±15V), Dual (±5V), Single (+12V)135MHz2mW $1.52
ADG1421SPST/NO264dB2.1OhmDual (±15V), Dual (±5V), Single (+12V)180MHz1.8mW $1.62
ADG1422SPST/NC264dB2.1OhmDual (±15V), Dual (±5V), Single (+12V)180MHz1.8mW $1.62
ADG1423SPST/NO-NC2-64dB2.1OhmDual (±15V), Dual (±5V), Single (+12V)180MHz1.8mW $1.62
ADG1633SPDT/NO-NC2-64dB4.5OhmDual (±5V), Single (+12V), Single (+15V)109MHz12nW $1.72
ADG1634SPDT/NO-NC4-64dB4.5OhmDual (±3.3V), Dual (±5V), Single (+12V), Single (+15V), Single (+3.3V), Single (+5V)103MHz12nW $2.35
ADG1411SPST/NC4-80dB1.8OhmDual (±15V), Dual (±5V), Single (+12V)170MHz4.97mW $2.66
ADG1412SPST/NO4-80dB1.5OhmDual (±15V), Dual (±5V), Single (+12V)170MHz4.97mW $2.66
ADG1413SPST/NO-NC4-80dB1.5OhmDual (±15V), Dual (±5V), Single (+12V)170MHz4.97mW $2.66
ADG1436SPDT/NO-NC2-80dB1.5OhmDual (±15V), Dual (±5V), Single (+12V)110MHz30µW $2.83
ADG1219SPDT/NO-NC2-77dB120OhmDual (±15V), Single (+12V)520MHz2.3mW $1.51
ADG772SPDT/NO-NC273dB6.7OhmSingle (+2.7V to +3.6V)630MHz21.6nW $0.81
ADG1221SPST/NO275dB120OhmDual (±12V), Dual (±15V), Single (+12V)960MHz2.9mW $1.27
ADG1222SPST/NC275dB120OhmDual (±12V), Dual (±15V), Single (+12V)960MHz2.9mW $1.27
ADG1223SPST/NO-NC275dB120OhmDual (±12V), Dual (±15V), Dual (±5V), Single (+12V), Single (+15V), Single (+5V)960MHz2.9mW $1.27
ADG1433SPDT/NO-NC3-70dB4OhmDual (±15V), Dual (±5V), Single (+12V)200MHz6.6mW $2.55
ADG701LSPST/NO175dB2OhmSingle (+1.8V to +5.5V), Single (+2.5V), Single (+3.3V), Single (+3V), Single (+5V)200MHz5µW $0.61
ADG702LSPST/NC175dB2OhmSingle (+1.8V to +5.5V), Single (+2.5V), Single (+3.3V), Single (+3V), Single (+5V)200MHz5µW $0.61
ADG1233SPDT/NO-NC380dB120OhmDual (±15V), Single (+12V)900MHz6.02mW $2.3
ADG1234SPDT/NO-NC480dB120OhmDual (±15V), Single (+12V)900MHz6.02mW $2.96
ADG1334SPDT/NO-NC480dB130OhmDual (±15V), Single (+12V)700MHz6.02mW $1.62
ADG1434SPDT/NO-NC470dB4OhmDual (±15V), Dual (±5V), Single (+12V)200MHz6.6mW $3.3
ADG1236SPDT/NO-NC280dB120OhmDual (±15V), Single (+12V)1GHz3.5mW $1.94
ADG1311SPST/NC480dB130OhmDual (±15V), Single (+12V)600MHz4.8mW $1.05
ADG1312SPST/NO480dB130OhmDual (±15V), Single (+12V)600MHz4.8mW $1.05
ADG1313SPST/NO-NC480dB130OhmDual (±15V), Single (+12V)600MHz4.8mW $1.05
ADG1211Reference Circuit AvailableSPST/NC475dB120OhmDual (±15V), Single (+12V)700MHz150µW $1.94
ADG1212SPST/NO475dB120OhmDual (±15V), Single (+12V)700MHz150µW $1.94
ADG1213SPST/NO-NC480dB120OhmDual (±15V), Single (+12V)1GHz3.8mW $1.94
ADG787Reference Circuit AvailableSPDT/NO-NC263dB2.5OhmSingle (+2.7V to +5.5V)145MHz5.5µW $0.93
ADG936SPDT/NO-NC260dB-Single (+1.65V to +2.75V)4GHz2.75µW $1.46
ADG904Reference Circuit Available4:1Mux/SP4T460dB-Single (+1.65V to +2.75V)2.5GHz2.75µW $1.42
ADG901SPST/NO137dB-Single (+1.65V to +2.75V)4.5GHz2.5µW $0.98
ADG902SPST/NO137dB-Single (+1.65V to +2.75V)4.5GHz2.5µW $0.98
ADG918SPDT/NO-NC143dB-Single (+1.65V to +2.75V), Single (+2.5V)4GHz2.5µW $1.03
ADG919SPDT/NO-NC143dB-Single (+1.65V to +2.75V)4GHz2.5µW $1.03
ADG633Reference Circuit AvailableSPDT/NO-NC390dB52OhmDual (±5V), Single (+12V), Single (+2.7V to +5.5V), Single (+3.3V), Single (+3V), Single (+5V)580MHz10µW $0.86
ADG611SPST/NC465dB85OhmDual (±5V), Single (+3V), Single (+5V)680MHz10µW $1.47
ADG612SPST/NO465dB85OhmDual (±5V), Single (+3V), Single (+5V)680MHz10µW $1.47
ADG613SPST/NO-NC465dB85OhmDual (±5V), Single (+3V), Single (+5V)680MHz10µW $1.47
ADG636SPDT/NO-NC265dB85OhmDual (±5V), Single (+3V), Single (+5V)610MHz10µW $1.57
ADG601SPST/NO160dB2OhmDual (±5V), Single (+5V)180MHz10µW $0.9
ADG602SPST/NC160dB2OhmDual (±5V), Single (+5V)180MHz10µW $0.9
ADG619SPDT/NO-NC167dB4OhmDual (±5V), Single (+5V)190MHz10µW $0.95
ADG620SPDT/NO-NC167dB4OhmDual (±5V), Single (+5V)190MHz10µW **
ADG622SPST/NC265dB4OhmDual (±5V), Single (+5V)230MHz10µW **
ADG623SPST/NO-NC265dB4OhmDual (±5V), Single (+5V)230MHz10µW **
ADG779SPDT/NO-NC187dB2.5OhmSingle (+3V), Single (+5V)200MHz5µW $0.65
ADG786SPDT/NO-NC372dB2.5OhmDual (±2.5V), Single (+1.8V to +5.5V), Single (+2.5V), Single (+3.3V), Single (+3V), Single (+5V)160MHz5µW $1.11
ADG788SPDT/NO-NC472dB2.5OhmDual (±2.5V), Single (+3V), Single (+5V)160MHz5µW $1.37
ADG621SPST/NO265dB4OhmDual (±5V), Single (+5V)230MHz10µW $0.95
ADG781SPST/NC478dB2.5OhmSingle (+3V), Single (+5V)200MHz5µW $0.91
ADG782SPST/NO478dB2.5OhmSingle (+3V), Single (+5V)200MHz5µW $0.91
ADG783SPST/NO-NC478dB2.5OhmSingle (+3V), Single (+5V)200MHz5µW $0.91
ADG733Reference Circuit AvailableSPDT/NO-NC372dB2.5OhmDual (±2.5V), Single (+1.8V to +5.5V), Single (+2.5V), Single (+3.3V), Single (+3V), Single (+5V)160MHz5µW $1.11
ADG734SPDT/NO-NC472dB2.5OhmDual (±2.5V), Single (+1.8V to +5.5V), Single (+2.5V), Single (+3.3V), Single (+3V), Single (+5V)160MHz5µW $1.37
ADG741SPST/NO175dB2OhmSingle (+3V), Single (+5V)200MHz5µW $0.66
ADG742SPST/NC175dB2OhmSingle (+3V), Single (+5V)200MHz5µW $0.66
ADG749SPDT/NO-NC187dB2.5OhmSingle (+3V), Single (+5V)200MHz5µW $0.71
ADG714SPST/NO880dB2.5OhmDual (±2.5V), Single (+3V), Single (+5V)155MHz125µW $1.77
ADG715SPST/NO880dB2.5OhmDual (±2.5V), Single (+3V), Single (+5V)155MHz125µW $1.77
ADG751SPST/NC165dB15OhmSingle (+3V), Single (+5V)300MHz500nW $0.91
ADG752SPDT/NO-NC180dB15OhmSingle (+3V), Single (+5V)250MHz500nW $1.18
ADG711SPST/NC478dB2.5OhmSingle (+3V), Single (+5V)200MHz5µW $0.91
ADG712SPST/NO478dB2.5OhmSingle (+3V), Single (+5V)200MHz5µW $0.91
ADG713SPST/NO-NC478dB2.5OhmSingle (+3V), Single (+5V)200MHz5µW $0.96
ADG736SPDT/NO-NC282dB2.5OhmSingle (+3V), Single (+5V)200MHz5µW $0.91
ADG701SPST/NO175dB2OhmSingle (+3V), Single (+5V)200MHz5µW $0.61
ADG702Reference Circuit AvailableSPST/NC175dB2OhmSingle (+3V), Single (+5V)200MHz5µW $0.64
ADG719SPDT/NO-NC187dB2.5OhmSingle (+3V), Single (+5V)200MHz5µW $0.69
ADG721SPST/NO280dB4OhmSingle (+3V), Single (+5V)200MHz5µW $0.66
ADG722SPST/NC280dB4OhmSingle (+3V), Single (+5V)200MHz5µW $0.63
ADG723SPST/NO-NC280dB4OhmSingle (+3V), Single (+5V)200MHz5µW $0.63
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RF Sw, BW >/= 2.5GHz

Part# Configuration# Sw FunctionsSupply VoltageInsertion Loss (dB)Off IsolationOff Isolation Test FrequP1dB (dBm)-3dB BandwidthPower DissCross Talk (dB)t OFF Switching Timet ON switching timePrice* (1000 pcs.)
ADG936SPDT/NO-NC2Single (+1.65V to +2.75V)0.9dB60dB100MHz16dBm4GHz2.75µW69dB10ns11ns $1.46
ADG904Reference Circuit Available4:1Mux/SP4T4Single (+1.65V to +2.75V)0.4dB60dB100MHz16dBm2.5GHz2.75µW-58dB13ns8.5ns $1.42
ADG901SPST/NO1Single (+1.65V to +2.75V)0.8dB37dB1GHz17dBm4.5GHz2.5µW-5.8ns3.6ns $0.98
ADG902SPST/NO1Single (+1.65V to +2.75V)0.8dB37dB1GHz17dBm4.5GHz2.5µW-5.8ns3.6ns $0.98
ADG918SPDT/NO-NC1Single (+1.65V to +2.75V), Single (+2.5V)0.8dB43dB1GHz17dBm4GHz2.5µW33dB6.5ns6.6ns $1.03
ADG919SPDT/NO-NC1Single (+1.65V to +2.75V)0.8dB43dB1GHz17dBm4GHz2.5µW33dB6.5ns6.6ns $1.03
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Tools and Training

CFTLExplore our new design assistance resource which offers tested circuit solutions for many common applications.
Circuits From the Lab

Switches and Muxes Portfolio

Switches and Muxes Portfolio

Analog Devices offers a large range of switches and multiplexers covering single to multiple switch elements, with various signal ranges, and in a variety of packages to best suit customer application needs.


  • ADG5423- High Voltage Latch-Up Proof, Dual SPST Switches

    The ADG5423 is a monolithic industrial CMOS analog switch containing two independent latch-up immune single-pole/single-throw (SPST) switches. Each switch conducts equally well in both directions when on, and has an input signal range that extends to the power supplies. In the off condition, signal levels up to the supplies are blocked. The ADG5423 has one switch turned on and one switch turned MoreRead more

    ADG5423 Diagram
  • ADG5421- High Voltage Latch-Up Proof, Dual SPST Switches

    The ADG5421 is a monolithic industrial CMOS analog switch containing two independent latch-up immune single-pole/single-throw (SPST) switches. Each switch conducts equally well in both directions when on, and has an input signal range that extends to the power supplies. In the off condition, signal levels up to the supplies are blocked. Both ADG5421 switches are turned on with a Logic 1 MoreRead more

    ADG5421 Diagram
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