Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions that are generated directly and indirectly are categorized into “scopes” based on the source of the emissions. The Greenhouse Gas Protocol defines Scope 1 emissions as direct from sources owned or controlled by the entity, including emissions from fossil fuels burned on site. Scope 2 emissions are indirect emissions that result from generating electricity, heating, and cooling offsite but purchased by the entity. Scope 3 emissions are considered indirect and not owned or directly controlled by the entity, but that are related to activities. Examples of Scope 3 emissions include employee travel and contracted solid waste disposal.

Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI) emit perfluorocarbons (PFCs) from our wafer fabrication processes and carbon dioxide (CO2) from fuel combustion associated with power and heat generation. We report our GHG information from our manufacturing sites to the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP).

We also track our indirect greenhouse gas emissions and we have set a target for electricity use, which is the primary source of our indirect emissions. We have not set a target reduction for overall indirect emissions.

2015 Environmental Goals for Continual Improvement

Impact Normalized Goals Progress
Air Emissions (CO2 + CO2e) * 5% reduction from 2010 baseline On Target
*– Goal includes Scope 1 emissions.

Specific Actions / Projects

The primary source of our greenhouse gas emissions at ADI is from chamber cleans in plasma etch tools used in manufacturing. We require all newly purchased manufacturing tools and equipment to have low greenhouse gas emissions or be abated. In addition, our EH&S and Process personnel monitor and evaluate industry developments for continual improvement.

Air Emissions – Scope 1: Analog Manufacturing Activities

With our ongoing investments in equipment upgrades, including investing in abatement systems beyond those required by regulation, we have seen significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.

Scope 1 CO<sub>2</sub> Emissions, 2006-2011

Note: Absolute data accounts emissions from all manufacturing sites while normalized data accounts emissions from fabs only. In addition to absolute values, we calculate our emissions relative to our manufacturing production output (surface area of silicon processed) and report these as “normalized” emissions. As manufacturing volumes rise, we have been able to improve our efficiencies and thereby continue to reduce these normalized emissions.


Scope 2 CO<sub>2</sub> Emissions, 2006-2011

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