Analog Devices' AD8218 offers users a flexible, high voltage, zero-drift current-sense amplifier that features industry-leading performance and value.
AD8218:  Current-sense Amplifier Combines Zero Drift and High Bandwidth

Norwood, MA (03/09/2011) - Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI), a world leader in semiconductors for high-performance signal processing applications and leading supplier of signal conditioning technology, released for general availability today the newest addition to its popular current-sense-amplifier product line. The AD8218 zero-drift, bi-directional current-sense amplifier offers design engineers a precision current-sense amplifier with the unique combination of high bandwidth and the lowest drift currently available in the market in a low-cost package. Using a proprietary CMOS process, the AD8218 features a zero-drift core that provides an offset drift of ± 100n V/°C over a −40 °C to +125 °C temperature range, while maintaining a typical small signal bandwidth of 500 kHz.

ADI's newest zero-drift current-sense amplifier has a 20 V/V fixed gain with a maximum ±0.35 percent gain error over the entire temperature range. The AD8218 zero-drift precision amplifier's input common-mode can vary from 4 V to 80 V and includes a built-in reference for optimal dynamic range in unidirectional current monitoring or the ability to easily offset the output for bidirectional current sensing.

Designed to operate with a wide variety of A/D converters, the AD8218 is designed into numerous high-side current-sensing signal chains, including base station, industrial motor control and computer power management applications. Other precision zero-drift current sense amplifiers in the product family include the AD8217 high resolution, zero-drift current shunt monitor at and the AD8219 zero-drift, unidirectional current shunt monitor at

AD8218 Zero Drift, Bi-directional Current-Sense Amplifier Key Features

  • High common-mode voltage range
    4 V to 80 V operating
    -0.3 V to 85 V survival
  • Buffered output voltage
  • Gain = 20 V/V (60 V/V AD8219)
  • Wide operating temperature range: −40 °C to +125 °C
  • Excellent ac and dc performance
    ±100 nV/°C typical offset drift
    ±50 µV typical offset
    ±5 ppm/°C typical gain drift
  • 110 dB typical CMRR at dc

Availability, Pricing and Complementary Components

Product Availability Gain Temperature Range Price Each Per 1,000 Packaging
AD8217 Now 20 V/V -40°C to 125°C $0.85 8-lead MOSP
AD8218 Now 20 V/V -40°C to 125°C $1.05 8-lead MOSP
AD8219 Now 60 V/V -40°C to 125°C $0.95 8-lead MOSP

Complementary components, particularly in base station applications include the ADCMP371 general-purpose comparators, ADUC7026 precision analog micro-controller and ADCMP600 TTL/CMOS comparator.

About Analog Devices

Innovation, performance, and excellence are the cultural pillars on which Analog Devices has built one of the longest standing, highest growth companies within the technology sector. Acknowledged industry-wide as the world leader in data conversion and signal conditioning technology, Analog Devices serves over 60,000 customers, representing virtually all types of electronic equipment. Analog Devices is headquartered in Norwood, Massachusetts, with design and manufacturing facilities throughout the world. Analog Devices is included in the S&P 500 Index.

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