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AD8394:  Low Power, High Output Current, Quad Op Amp, Dual-Channel ADSL/ADSL2+ Line Driver

Product Details

The AD8394 is comprised of four high output current, low power consumption operational amplifiers. It is particularly well suited for the CO driver interface in digital subscriber line systems, such as ADSL and ADSL2+. The driver can deliver 20.4 dBm to a line, yet compensates for losses due to hybrid insertion and back termination resistors. In addition, the low distortion, fast slew rate, and high output current capability make the AD8394 ideal for other applications, such as medical instrumentation, DAC output drivers, and other high peak current circuits. Four bias modes are selectable via two digital inputs (PD0 and PD1).

The AD8394 is available in two thermally enhanced packages, a 20-lead TSSOP_EP (AD8394AREZ) and a 4 mm × 5 mm 24-lead LFCSP (AD8394ACPZ).


  • ADSL/ADSL2+ CO line drivers
  • xDSL line drives
  • High output current, low distortion amplifiers
  • DAC output buffers
  • Data Sheet, Rev. Sp0, 10/07


    • Dual-supply operation from ±6 V to ±12 V
    • Single-supply operation from 12 V to 24 V
    • Low power consumption
      700 mW internal power dissipation while driving
      20.4 dBm ADSL2+ signal (CF = 5.5)
      3 active power modes plus shutdown
      Low leakage current in shutdown mode
    • 4 current feedback, high output current amplifiers
    • Ideal for use as ADSL/ADSL2+ dual-channel, central office (CO) line drivers
    • High output voltage and current drive
    • Low distortion
      MTPR down to −70 dBc
      High speed: 300 V/μs slew rate

    Pin Configuration for AD8394

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