Ingeteam Keeps Wind Turbine Power on the Grid with SHARC®

Ingeteam is taming the gusty nature of wind-generated energy with its new new Ingecon® CleanPower Series, which improves the quality of the power that variable speed turbines distribute to the electric grid. Ingecon CleanPower is a new electrical topology that accurately controls the power delivered to the grid by countering the usual problems associated with variable speed wind turbines: harmonic distortion, flicker, and ripple. On the job in the execution of all control algorithms are Analog Devices' 32-bit floating-point SHARC® Processors.

The digital signal processor in the control unit for the Ingecon CleanPower system is tasked with executing control algorithms in real time, so the chosen DSP needed to meet a series of demands. The complexity of the control algorithms made a floating-point processor an absolute requirement. Speed was essential for real-time processing operations that have to be performed in 100 microseconds or less.

Another necessity was ample internal processor memory -- for several reasons. The control unit had to avoid wait states that would delay processing. The internal memory in addition reduces the number of external devices, minimizing EMI problems in the board design. And SHARC processors allow developers to split the internal memory into data and program memory in a very flexible way, which allows applications to adapt in the future without changing the hardware.

"SHARC's fast execution also lets our application control more devices at the same time, which saves money that we can invest in adding functionality"

"Ingeteam's experience with both conventional and renewable energy suppliers gives us a deep understanding of the application requirements. We had used SHARC for about 10 years in previous power electronics, so we knew that its floating-point performance would fit the demands of our new control unit," says a senior engineer of Ingeteam in Zamudio, Spain.

In addition to implementing SHARC in the control unit for Ingecon CleanPower Series, Ingeteam has also implemented the processors in the next generation of control units for its Ingedrive® converter line, a wide range of medium- and high-power AC and DC converters for industrial, marine, and infrastructure uses.

Visit the Ingecom CleanPower Web site to learn more.

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