The ADF701x Series of Transmitters and ADF702x Series of Transceivers from ADI are suitable for automatic meter reading (AMR), Industrial Automation, alarm and security systems, home automation systems, remote controls and other wireless network & telemetry systems where low-power consumption and very long range are required.

Region Country Developer Name Web Page Specialties
Worldwide Worldwide Digi RF Modules, RF System Design
Americas USA Global Wireless Technology (GWT) Antennas, Medical RF
Americas USA LS Research (LSR) 2.4GHz RF Modules, RF System Design
Americas USA Pacific Coast Engineering RF Modules, RF Reference Designs,
RF System Design
Americas USA Threshold RF System Design, RF Reference Designs
EUR Belgium LV Electronics RF Consultant, Reference Designs, Antenna Design
EUR France Adeunis RF RF Modules, RF Modems, RF System Design
EUR France Alciom RF System Design, Custom RF Developments, Consultancy
EUR Germany IK Elektronik RF Modules, RF System Design, Antenna Design
EUR Germany RF Consult RF Training & Seminars
EUR UK Plextek RF Software, RF System Design
EUR UK Wood & Douglas RF System Design (Telemetry, Broadcast & Security)
APAC China Appcon Technologies RF Modules
APAC China Friendcom RF Modules, RF System Design
APAC China HIH Electronic RF Modules, Automotive RF
APAC China Tongte RF System Design
APAC India Reindeer RF Modules, Antennas, RF System Design
APAC Israel Radiogal RF System & Sub-System Design, Modules, Antennas
APAC Korea Prochild RF Modules, Zigbee, RF System Design
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