Analog Devices offers a variety of integrated transceivers for wireless applications. The AD935x family of WiMAX transceivers offers a complete RF and mixed-signal system on a chip, which can support CPE and terminal implementations as well at small basestations like femto-cells and pico-cells. These transceivers integrate high sensitivity direct-conversion receivers and channel-select filtering at baseband, thus eliminating the need for external SAW filters. The highly linear transmitter offers state-of-the-art EVM and spurious performance. A low phase noise LO path is achieved by an integrated fractional-N synthesizer. Additionally, these transceivers integrate smart system features such as self-calibration, automatic gain control (AGC), transmit power control, and auxiliary ADCs and DACs for system monitoring, thus reducing the level of real-time signaling between the modem and the transceiver, dramatically simplifying the RF driver development and support. ADI also offers the ADF4602 family of UMTS Femtocell Transceivers and a wide range of Short Range Transceiver targeted at ISM transceivers.

RF Integrated Transceiver Diagram

RF Integrated Transceiver Diagram

Part # Frequency (GHz) Bandwidth (MHz) NF Type (Rx/Tx) Tx EVM (dB) Tx Gain Range (dB) Interface (Digital) Package Size LFCSP (mm)
AD9352 2.3-2.7 3.5 to 20 3.7 1x1 -38 0-58 Digital ADI/Q™ 9x9
AD9352-5 4.9-6.0 3.5 to 20 5.5 1x1 -33 0-58 Digital ADI/Q™ 9x9
AD9353 3.3-3.8 3.5 to 20 3.7 1x1 -38 0-58 Digital ADI/Q™ 9x9
AD9354 2.3-2.7 3.5 to 10 3.0 2x1 -38 0-58 JESD207 8x8
AD9355 3.3-3.8 3.5 to 10 3.0 2x1 -38 0-58 JESD207 8x8
AD9356 2.3-2.7 3.5 to 10 3.0 2x2 -38 0-58 JESD207 10x10 BGA
AD9357 3.3-3.8 3.5 to 10 3.0 2x2 -38 0-58 JESD207 10x10 BGA

Application Notes

Technical Documentation

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