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ADRF660x Integrated Mixers

ADI's ADRF660x products integrate a high-linearity active RF mixer; RF input balun for single-ended 50 Ω input; and a PLL synthesizer with integrated VCO in one compact RF circuit.

The active mixer provides a voltage conversion gain of 6 dB, alleviating the need for additional IF amplification over competing passive mixers. The differential IF output is capable of supporting highest IF frequencies up to 500 MHz. The ADRF660x series can be used for receiver path down-conversion and transmit path observation receiver applications.

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ADRF670x Integrated Modulators


ADI's ADRF670x products integrate a high dynamic range analog I/Q modulator, RF output switch and PLL with integrated VCO in one compact RFIC.

The modulator input bandwidth of 500 MHz is capable of supporting either a specified band or complex IF up-conversion transmit signal path. In addition, the modulator output supports a linear high output power level for wideband multi-carrier LTE applications.

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Complementary Products:
The ADRF660x and ADRF670x are well-suited for use with ADI's leading mixed-signal converters, amplifiers and clocks. The following complementary components for the ADRF660x and ADRF670x are available to implement a complete radio transceiver:

AD9230 ADC
AD9122 TxDAC
ADL532x Transmit Drivers
ADL552x LNAs
AD9520-x Clock ICs

Design Tool: ADIsimRF
The ADRF660x and ADRF670x are supported by ADIsimRF design tool. Download your free copy now.

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ADI offers the broadest portfolio of RFICs covering the entire RF signal chain. Learn more.

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