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RF mixers / multipliers from Analog Devices include both active and passive as well as broadband and narrowband products. These devices promise high-performance and flexibility to help you achieve your target specifications, reduce design time, and optimize your design costs. With leading specifications including speed, dynamic range, noise figure under blocking, SFDR as well as ESD performance, ADI's RF mixers and multipliers help to raise the bar within RF systems.

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    CN-0140: High Performance, Dual Channel IF Sampling Receiver

    RF Mixers Application Notes

    AN-0974: Multicarrier TD-SCMA Feasibility (pdf, 634 kB)

    AN-778: Using the PRUP Pin on the AD607 and AD61009 (pdf, 48 kB)

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RF Mixers

Part# Min RF Frequency (MHz)Max RF Frequency (MHz)P1dB (dBm)Noise Figure (dB)Conversion GainRx mode IIP3LO DriveLO FrequencyIF Frequency (MHz)Supply CurrentMax Pos Supply
ADL53632.3GHz2.9GHz20dBm7.6dB-7.7dB31dBm0dBm2330 to 3350dc to 450100mA5.5V
ADL5811700MHz2.8GHz12.7dBm10.7dB7.5dB27.5dBm0dBm250 to 280030 to 450185mA5.5V
ADL5812700MHz2.8GHz12.5dBm11.6dB6.7dB27.2dBm0dBm250 to 280030 to 450412mA5.5V
ADL53542.2GHz2.7GHz10.6dBm10.6dB8.6dB26.1dBm0dBm1750 to 267030 to 450350mA5.25V
ADL53532.2GHz2.7GHz10.4dBm9.8dB8.7dB24.5dBm0dBm2230 to 315030 to 450190mA5.5V
ADL5801Reference Circuit Available10MHz6GHz13.3dBm9.75dB1.8dB28.5dBm0dBm10 to 6000LF to 600130mA5.25V
ADL5358500MHz1.7GHz10.6dBm9.9dB8.3dB25.2dBm0dBm530-167030 to 450350mA5.25V
ADL5802100MHz6GHz12dBm10dB1.5dB26dBm0dBm100 to 6000LF to 600220mA5.25V
ADL5356Reference Circuit Available1.2GHz2.5GHz11dBm9.9dB8.2dB31dBm0dBm1230 to 247030 to 450350mA5.25V
ADL53651.2GHz2.5GHz25dBm8.3dB-7.3dB36dBm0dBm1230 to 2470dc to 45095mA5.5V
ADL5367500MHz1.7GHz25dBm8.3dB-7.7dB34dBm0dBm730 to 1670dc to 45097mA5.5V
ADL53551.2GHz2.5GHz10.4dBm9.2dB8.4dB27dBm0dBm1230 to 247030 to 450190mA5.5V
ADL5357500MHz1.7GHz10.2dBm9.1dB8.6dB26.6dBm0dBm730 to 167030 to 450190mA5.5V
ADL53501Hz4GHz19.8dBm6.4dB-6.7dB25dBm4dBmLF to 4000LF to 400016.5mA3.5V
AD83421Hz3GHz8.5dBm12.2dB3.7dB22.2dBm0dBmLF to 2400LF to 240097mA5.25V
AD8344400MHz1.2GHz8.5dBm10.5dB4.5dB24dBm0dBm470 to 160070 to 40084mA5.25V
AD83430Hz2.5GHz2.8dBm14dB7dB16.5dBm-10dBmdc to 2500dc to 250050mA5.5V
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RF Mixers w/ Integrated LOs

Part# RF Frequency (MHz)IF Frequency (MHz)P1dB (dBm)LO FrequencyNoise Figure (dB)Rx mode IIP3Conversion GainLO DriveMax Pos SupplySupply Current
ADRF6620700 to 2700dc to 45018dBm350 to 2850 MHz18.5dB40dBm11dB0dBm5.25V340mA
ADRF66041200-3600dc to 50014.4dBm2500 to 290015.5dB27dBm6.8dB0dBm5.25V276mA
ADRF6601300-2500dc to 50014.5dBm750 to116013.5dB30.9dBm6.7dB0dBm5.25V281mA
ADRF66031100-3200dc to 50014.9dBm2100 to 260015.6dB29.3dBm6.7dB0dBm5.25V261mA
ADRF6655100 to 2500LF to 220012dBm1050 to 230012dB29dBm6dB-7dBm5.25V285mA
ADRF66021000-3100dc to 50012dBm1550 to 215012dB29.5dBm6.5dB0dBm5.25V263mA
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RF Multipliers

Part# RF Frequency (MHz)IF Frequency (MHz)LO FrequencyVoltage Supply (V)Min Pos SupplyMax Pos SupplySupply CurrentNoise Figure (dB)P1dB (dBm)Rx mode IIP3Conversion GainLO Drive
ADL5391dc to 2000--5.5V4.5V5.5V135mA-15.1dBm14dBm1dB-
ADL539020 to 2400--5.25V4.75V5.25V135mA21dB11.5dBm23.3dBm4.5dB-
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