AD9956 AgileRF Synthesizer

AD9956 AgileRF™ Synthesizer

- The Industry's First Synthesizer to Enable DDS Agility at Frequencies up to 2.7 GHZ

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The AD9956 is the first low cost, low power, monolithic synthesizer solution to integrate both direct digital synthesis (dds) and phased locked loop (pll) circuitry. This AgileRF synthesizer features a DDS, 14-bit digital-to-analog converter operating up to 400 MSPS, and an advanced phase-detector/charge pump combination that, when configured with an external VCO, enables the synthesis of digitally-programmable, frequency-agile analog output sinusoidal waveforms at up to 2.7 GHz.

The PLL circuitry includes a phase detector with scaleable 200 MHz inputs (pre-scaler inputs operate up to 650 MHz) and digital control over the charge pump current.

The AD9956 is designed for low-power applications such as radar systems used in automobiles, marine and military equipment, as well as satellite communications and instrumentation that benefit from highly linearized frequency and phase sweeping at RF frequencies.

  • Agile L.O. frequency synthesis
  • FM chirp source for radar and scanning systems
  • Automotive radars
  • Test and measurement equipment
  • Acousto-optic device drivers

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