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TOOLS, SOFTWARE & SIMULATION MODELS — AD9833 : Low Power, 12.65 mW, 2.3 V to +5.5 V, Programmable Waveform Generator

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ADIsim Design/Simulation Tools (1)
  • ADIsimDDS™
    The purpose of this tool is to assist a user in selecting and evaluating Analog Devices, Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) IC's. It allows a user to select a device, enter the desired operating conditions and evaluate it's general performance.
Design Calculators (1)
  • DDS Configuration Assistant
    Determines tuning words and hex codes to program the DDS based on your output frequency, phase, and reference clock. Calculates actual output frequency and the Rset value required for your desired output current level. Illustrates harmonic images and spurs at the output, including the effect of a user-defined analog filter.
Device Drivers (2)
IBIS Models (1)
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