The AD5933 and AD5934 are the world's first integrated impedance converters, combining a precision on-board frequency generator with 12-bit 1 MSPS (AD5933) and 250 KSPS (AD5934) ADCs.

The frequency generator allows an external complex impedance (range 100 Ω to 10 M Ω) to be excited with a known frequency of up to approximately 100 kHz. The response signal from the impedance is sampled by the on-board ADC and DFT processed by an on-board DSP engine.

The DFT algorithm returns a real (R) and imaginary (I) data word at each frequency point, (in the case of a sweep) allowing impedance to be conveniently calculated based on an initial system calibration.

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Impedance vs. Frequency

The advanced integration of the AD5933

Impedance Converter Selection Table

Part # Impedance Range Resolution (Bits) Power Supply Temperature Range Sampling Speed On Chip Oscllator Temp Sensor Price
(1K Unit)
AD5933 100 Ohms to 10 MOhms 12 3 V / 5 V -40°C to 125°C 1 MSPS Yes Yes $6.65 Order Samples
AD5934 100 Ohms to 10 MOhms 12 3 V / 5 V -40°C to 125°C 250 kSPS - - $4.35 Order Samples

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