Find RF detectors that accurately detect and measure RF and IF signals in wireless systems. Recognized as the pioneer and leader in RF detectors, Analog Devices offers a broad portfolio of high performance logarithmic amplifiers and TruPwr™ RMS detectors. ADI's logarithmic amplifiers measure signals up to 100 dB dynamic range, from dc to 10 GHz, and accuracies of ±0.2 dB and are well-suited for both RSSI and transmit power level detection. The TruPwr RMS detectors address the challenge of measuring complex waveforms found in spread spectrum CDMA / W-CDMA and higher order QAM modulation systems and provide an accurately scaled DC voltage, which is RMS equivalent of the input waveform.

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Log Amps/Detectors

Part# RF Frequency (MHz)Response TimePhase AccuracyTemperature StabilityVoltage Supply (V)Supply Current
ADL6010500 MHz to 40 GHz10s---3mA
ADL550630 to 4500 MHz65ns-0.5dB-3.9mA
ADL5513Reference Circuit Available1 to 400020ns-0.5dB2.7 to 5.531mA
ADL55191 to 100006ns-0.5dB3.3 to 5.560mA
AD83171 to 100006ns-0.5dB3 to 5.522mA
AD8319Reference Circuit Available1 to 100006ns-0.5dB3 to 5.522mA
AD8311100 to 2500150ns-0.5dB2.7 to 5.58.5mA
AD831250 to 350085ns-0.5dB2.7 to 5.54.2mA
AD8318Reference Circuit Available1 to 800010ns-0.5dB4.5 to 5.568mA
AD8302270060ns1Deg1dB2.7 to 5.519mA
AD8315100 to 2500150ns-1dB2.7 to 5.58.5mA
AD8310dc to 44015ns3Deg1dB2.7 to 5.58mA
AD8314100 to 270070ns-1dB2.7 to 5.54.5mA
AD83065 to 40073ns2Deg1dB2.7 to 6.516mA
AD83095 to 50067ns3Deg1dB2.7 to 6.516mA
AD8313100 to 250040ns-1.25dB2.7 to 5.513.7mA
AD8307dc to 500400ns-1dB2.7 to 5.58mA
AD641-10ns2Deg1dB+/- 4.5 to +/- 7.544mA
AD640-10ns-1dB+/- 4.5 to +/- 7.544mA
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RMS Detectors

Part# Voltage Supply (V)Supply CurrentRF FrequencyDynamic Range (dB)Output ResponseResponse TimeTemperature StabilityLeast # Leads
ADL5903-3mA6GHz35dBLinear in dB3.5µs0.45dB8
ADL59064.75 to 5.2569mA10GHz67dBLinear in dB200ns-16
ADL55114.75 to 5.2521.5mA6GHz47dBLinear in Voltage10µs0.1dB16
ADL55052.5 to 3.31.8mA6GHz35dBLinear in Voltage3µs0.1dB4
ADL5902Reference Circuit Available4.5 to 5.573mA9GHz65dBLinear in dB3µs0.5dB16
ADL55042.5 to 3.31.8mA6GHz35dBLinear in Voltage3µs0.1dB6
AD83634.5 to 5.560mA6GHz50dBLinear in dB3µs0.5dB16
ADL5502Reference Circuit Available2.5 to 3.33mA6GHz35dBLinear in Voltage15µs0.1dB8
ADL55012.7 to 5.51.1mA6GHz30dBLinear in Voltage6µs0.1dB6
ADL55002.7 to 5.51mA6GHz30dBLinear in Voltage10µs0.25dB4
AD83644.5 to 5.570mA2.7GHz60dBLinear in dB45ns0.5dB32
AD83624.5 to 5.520mA3.8GHz65dBLinear in dB45ns1dB16
AD83612.7 to 5.51.1mA2.5GHz30dBLinear in Voltage5µs0.25dB6
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  • ADL5506- 30 MHz to 4.5 GHz, 45 dB RF Detector

    The ADL5506 is a complete, low cost subsystem for the measurement of RF signals in the 30 MHz to 4.5 GHz frequency range, with a typical dynamic range of 45 dB, intended for use in a wide variety of wireless terminal devices. It provides a wider dynamic range and better accuracy than is possible using discrete diode detectors. In particular, its temperature stability is excellent over −40°C to MoreRead more

    ADL5506 Diagram
  • ADL5903- 200 MHz to 6 GHz 35 dB TruPwr™ Detector

    The ADL5903 is a true rms responding power detector that has a 35 dB measurement range. It features low power consumption and an intrinsically ripple-free error transfer function.

    The ADL5903 provides a solution in a variety of high frequency systems requiring an accurate measurement of signal power. Requiring only a single supply of 3.0 V to 5.0 V and a few capacitors, it is easy to use and MoreRead more

    ADL5903 Diagram
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