16 Channel/Dual 8-Channel JFET Analog Multiplexers (Overvoltage Protected)

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Product Details

The MUX-16 is a monolithic 16-channel analog multiplexoer which connects a single output to 1 of the 16 analog inputs depending upon the state of a 4-bit binary address. Disconnection of the output is provided by a logical "0" at the ENABLE input, thereby providing a package selection function.

The MUX-28 is a monolithic 8-channel differential analog multiplexer configured in a double pole, 8-position (plus OFF) electronic swithc array. A 3-bit binary input address connects a pair of independent analog inputs from each 8-channel input section to the corresponding pair of independent analog outputs. Disconnection of both inputs is provided by a logical "0" at the ENABLE input, thereby offering a package select function.

Fabricated with Precision Monolithics' high performance Bipolar-JFET technology, these devices offer low, constant "ON" resistance. Performance advantages include low leakage currents and fast settling time with low crosstalk to satisfy a wide variety of applications. These multiplexers do not suffer from latch-up or static discharge blow-out problems associated with similar CMOS parts. The digital inputs are designed to operate from both TTL and CMOS levels while always providing a definite break-before-make action without the need for external pull-up resistors.