CMOS Latched 4-Channel Analog Multiplexer

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Rochester Electronics and Arrow Supply Assurance have partnered with Analog Devices to source products that have been previously discontinued or have become obsolete.

Product Details

The ADG528A and ADG529A are CMOS monolithic analog multiplexers with eight channels and four dual channels, respectively. On-chip latches facilitate microprocessor interfacing. The ADG528A switches one of eight inputs to a common output, depending on the state of three binary addresses and an enable input. The ADG529A switches one of four differential inputs to a common differential output, depending on the state of two binary addresses and an enable input. Both devices have TTL and 5 V CMOS logic-compatible digital inputs.

The ADG528A and ADG529A are designed on an enhanced LC2MOS process, which gives an increased signal capability of VSS to VDD and enables operation over a wide range of supply voltages. The devices can comfortably operate anywhere in the 10.8 V to 16.5 V single- or dual-supply range. These multiplexers also feature high switching and low RON.

Product Highlights

  1. Single-/dual-supply specifications with a wide tolerance.
    The devices are specified in the 10.8 V to 16.5 V range for both single- and dual-supplies.
  2. Easily Interfaced
    The ADG528A and ADG529A can be easily interfaced with microprocessors. The WR signal latches the state of the address control lines and the enable line. The RS signal clears both the address and enable data in the latches resulting in no output (all switches off). RS can be tied to the microprocessor reset pin.
  3. Extended Signal Range
    The enhanced LC2MOS processing results in a high breakdown and an increased analog signal range of VSS to VDD.
  4. Break-Before-Make Switching
    Switches are guaranteed break-before-make so that input signals are protected against momentary shorting.
  5. Low Leakage
    Leakage currents in the range of 20 pA make these multiplexers suitable for high precision circuits.

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