Power Management

Analog Devices designs power management products to complement signal chains where signal integrity requires an efficient power design. ADI offers reference circuits and the ADIsimPowerTM tool to make selecting and designing power circuits easier. Our growing portfolio of linear and switching regulators, controllers, supervisory, sequencing, and hot swap (and load switch) products continues ADI’s 45 year tradition of reliability, innovation, performance, and value in signal processing ICs.

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Analog Design Tool: ADIsimPower™

ADIsimPower Selector uses your specific application requirements and compares solutions from over 300 power management parts and over 10 different topologies. Each solution takes into consideration the IC, external components, and operating condition to be able to compare expected performance.


Battery Management

ADI’s high frequency switch mode Li-ion battery charger simplifies constant current control in quick charge portables.


Digital Power Management IC

ADI’s digital controller family is based on flexible, state machine architecture, with all features implemented in hardware—resulting in a robust power supply application solution.


Display and Lighting IC

ADI offers LED drivers that range from automotive to display and keypad backlighting applications, with features enabling improved battery life and faster time to market.


Hot Swap

ADI hot swap products integrate with industry-leading converter and amplifier cores for power monitoring and control with circuitry delivering unmatched ±3% monitoring accuracy.

Isolated Gate Drivers

Analog Devices’ isolated gate driver portfolio offers designers performance and reliability advantages over designs utilizing optocouplers or pulse transformers.

Linear Regulators

ADI linear regulators offer customers superior performance, and include value add features like thermal overload protection, over current protection, and undervoltage lockout.

Load Switches

The ADI load switch family offers an integrated solution for switching voltage rails on via an internal, high-side switch and features overcurrent and overtemperature protection.

MOSFET Drivers

ADI’s MOSFET driver family provides high speed, high current MOSFET drive capability for efficient switching conversion in ac-to-dc and isolated dc-to-dc converters.

Power Monitors

Analog Devices’ power monitoring ICs provide an integrated solution for digital current and voltage measurement via an on-chip, 12-bit analog-to-digital converter.


ADI provides a broad portfolio of sequencing and monitoring solutions, offering both analog and digitally programmable power supply sequencers for power supply requirements.



Supervisory ICs from Analog Devices feature a range of the industry's most accurate microprocessor supervisors and reset generators, offering parts to suit most any application.


Switching Power Converters

ADI switching power converters cover a range of devices such as multioutput regulators, switching controllers, switching regulators, and switched capacitor converters.