Hearing Aid Omnidirectional MEMS Microphone

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Replacement Parts

Rochester Electronics is the only authorized source of Analog Devices' products that have previously been discontinued or have become obsolete. Product availability should be checked directly with Rochester Electronics.

Product Details

Analog Devices has sold its MEMS Microphone product line to InvenSense.
Please visit the InvenSense ADMP801 product page for all technical support and sales information.

The ADMP801 is a high quality, ultralow power, analog output, bottom-ported, omnidirectional MEMS microphone, designed specifically for hearing aid applications. The ADMP801 is available in an ultraminiature 3.35 mm × 2.50 mm × 0.98 mm surface-mount package. It is reflow solder compatible, with no sensitivity degradation. Full product and evaluation information requires a signed NDA agreement submitted to the ADI Healthcare Group.


  • Hearing aids