Energy Metering IC with Pulse Output

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Product Details

The AD7755 is an accurate electrical energy measurement IC intended for use in two-wire distribution systems. It provides instantaneous and average real power based on line current and voltage. The part specifications surpass the accuracy requirements as quoted in the IEC1036 standard. The only analog circuitry used in the AD7755 is in the ADCs and reference circuit. All other signal processing (e.g., multiplication and filtering) is carried out in the digital domain. This approach provides superior stability and accuracy over extremes in environmental conditions and over time.

The current channel has a high gain mode for interfacing to low value shunt resistances without losing dynamic range. Gain calibration between channels is adjusted external to this device. The AD7755, available in 24-lead DIP and SSOP packages, is pin compatible with the AD7751. It is superior to the AD7750 when interfacing to very low shunt resistance.