ADSL2/2+ Residential Gateway

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Introducing the Fusiv AT 100/200/300 family of ADSL2/2Plus Communications Processors. The AD6501/2 and 3 are a family of highly integrated and cost-effective ADSL2/ADSL2+ phy datapumps with integrated Fusiv technology-based network processor. Developed for use in gateway, routers and bridge applications, the Fusiv AT family integrates a general-purpose RISC processor and several proprietary accelerator processors to deliver a high-performance network processor along with superior ADSL2/2+ connectivity.

The Fusiv AT100/200 and 300 chipsets comprise the AD6501/2/3 and the AD6488 Analog Front. This chipset combination enables users to achieve the best in ADSL, ADSL2 and ADSL2+ performance.

Combining the leading edge performance of Fusiv core processing technology and the relative maturity of the EaglePlus ADSL2/2+ data-pump, the Fusiv AT family delivers reliability, performance and competitiveness.

Fusiv AT100 (AD6501)
The Fusiv AT100 represents an introductory level ADSL2/2+ integrated processor supporting single MII (Ethernet) and USB interfaces. Although the Fusiv AT100 can be used with a multi-port Ethernet switch to expand the Ethernet port density, the likeliest applications for the Fusiv AT100 will be single user applications which require the flexibility of USB or Ethernet connectivity. Analog Devices offers an innovative approach to meeting your ADSL2/2+ application needs – contact ADI Sales for more information

Fusiv AT200 (AD6502)
The Fusiv AT200 adds a mini-PCI port to enable WLAN 802.11a/b/g connectivity. Supporting a comprehensive range of 3rd party WLAN solutions the AD6502 can provide the necessary features to support a WLAN Gateway.

Fusiv AT300 (AD6503)
For customers wishing to develop a full featured Gateway, in addition to adding a mini-PCI, the AD6503 provides the extra connectivity to meet those needs. An additional MII port offers the option to support either a DMZ network or connect to another technology such as Power-line. To support Bluetooth connectivity an extra UART port is also provided on the AD6503.