High Performance, BiFET Operational Amplifier

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The BiFET series of precision, monolithic FET-input op amps are fabricated with the most advanced BiFET and laser trimming technologies. The AD542, AD544, AD547 series offers bias currents significantly lower than currently available BiFET devices, 25 pA max, warmed up.

In addition, the offset voltage is laser trimmed to less than 0.25 mV on the AD547L, which is achieved by utilizing Analog exclusive laser wafer trimming (LWT) process. When combined with the AD547's low offset drift (1µV/°C), these features offer the user performance superior to existing BiFET op amps at low BiFET pricing.

AD542 or AD547 is recommended for any operational amplifier application requiring excellent dc performance at low to moderate cost. Precision instrument front ends requiring rate amplification of millivolt level signals from megohm source impedances will benefit from the device's excellent combination of low offset voltage and drift, low bias current and low 1/f noise. High common-mode rejection (80 dB, min on the "K" and "L" grades) and high open-loop gain, even under heavy loading, ensures better than "12-bit" linearity in high impedance buffer applications.

The AD544 is recommended for any op amp applications requiring excellent ac and dc performance at low cost. The 2 MHz bandwidth and low offset of the AD544 make it the first choice as an output amplifier for current output D/A converters, such as the AD7541, 12-bit CMOS DAC.

Devices in this series are available in four grades: the "J," "K," and "L" grades are specified over the 0°C to +70°C temperature range and the "S" grade over the -55°C to +125°C operating temperature range. All devices are offered in the hermetically sealed, TO-99 metal can package.