Energy Monitors

Analog Devices energy monitors provide accurate, board level energy measurements in addition to other key parameters. Internal accumulators provide accurate readings of charge energy and time, with the option of using a convenient internal crystal or a more accurate external crystal as a time base. Devices in this portfolio offer current, voltage, power, charge, and energy readings for rails up to 100 V or beyond using an internal shunt regulator, while others provide parametric readings and convenient sense resistor monitoring of up to ±30 A rails with only 9 mA of offset (high dynamic range).
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Energy Monitor

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SortOrderPart#Number of SuppliesVin RangeFeaturesADCInterfaceCommentsUS Price 1000 to 4999
($ US)
1LTC2947 1 0V to 15V Charge Monitor, Current Monitor, Energy Monitor, Integrated Rsense, Power Monitor, Voltage Monitor 18-bit Serial I2C, Serial SPI 30A Power/Energy Monitor with Integrated Sense Resistor $5.95 (LTC2947IUFE#PBF)
2LTC2946 1 -100V to +100V (extendable to higher voltages) Current Monitor, Energy Monitor, I2C Interface, Power Monitor, Voltage Monitor 12-Bit Serial I2C Wide Range I2C Power, Charge and Energy Monitor $3.95 (LTC2946CMS#PBF)