Digital Output, High-Precision Angular Rate Sensor

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Product Details

The ADIS16130 is a low noise, digital output angular rate sensor (gyroscope) that provides an output response over the complete dynamic range of ±250o/sec.

Its industry-standard serial interface and register structure provide a simple interface that is supported by most MCU, DSP, and FPGA platforms.

By implementing a unique design, the device provides superior stability over variations in temperature, voltage, linear acceleration, vibration, and next-level assembly. In addition, the surface-micro-machining technology used to manufacture the device is the same high volume BiMOS process used by Analog Devices, Inc., for its high reliability automotive sensor products.

Features include a temperature output that provides critical information for system-level calibrations and a digital self-test feature that exercises the mechanical structure of the sensor and enables system-level diagnostics.

The package configuration is a 36 mm × 44 mm × 16 mm module with a standard 24-lead connector interface.


  • Guidance and control
  • Instrumentation
  • Inertial measurement units (IMU)
  • Platform stabilization
  • Navigation
  • Data Sheet, Rev. A, 4/08