Low Noise Angular Rate Sensor

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Product Details

The ADIS16120 is a low noise, angular rate sensor (gyroscope) that includes all of the necessary embedded signal conditioning to provide a low noise, analog output over the complete dynamic range of ±300°/sec. Factory calibration provides excellent offset and gain accuracy. The unique design implementation provides superior stability over variations in temperature, voltage, linear acceleration, vibration, and next-level assembly. The surface-micromachining manufacturing technology is the same high volume BiMOS process used by Analog Devices, Inc. for its high reliability automotive sensor products.

The output signal, RATEOUT, is a voltage proportional to the angular rate about the axis normal to the top surface of the package. A precision reference and a temperature output are provided for system-level calibrations and a digital self-test feature is provided to enable system-level diagnostics. The self-test function electromechanically excites the sensor to verify proper operation.

The 35.6 mm × 42.4 mm (plus mounting extensions) package provides the convenience of a standard geometry 24-pin interface and four mounting holes for simple installation.


  • Guidance and control
  • Instrumentation
  • Inertial measurement units (IMU)
  • Stabilization