2.5V Low Power, Precision Reference and Op Amp

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Rochester Electronics and Arrow Supply Assurance have partnered with Analog Devices to source products that have been previously discontinued or have become obsolete.

Product Details

The ADR821/ADR827 offer a combination of precision voltage reference and op amp in a 10-lead mini small outline package (MSOP). The reference and the op amp can be operated independently, offering the user a range of flexibility for arranging the combination. Featuring a combined operating current of less than 400 µA and 15 ppm/°C on the reference, the ADR82x is ideally suited for applications requiring precision and low power.

Available with the reference at 1.25 V and at 2.5 V, the ADR82x also comes in two grades. The reference on the A grade offers 30 ppm/°C temperature drift performance and ±0.4% initial accuracy. The B grade provides tighter temperature drift performance of 15 ppm/°C and only ±0.2% initial accuracy. All versions operate from −40°C to +125°C.


  • Battery-powered instrumentation
  • Portable medical instrumentation
  • Data acquisition systems
  • Industrial process controls
  • Automotive applications