Get More Mixed Signal Integration For Less Risk, Cost, and Size

MxFE_330x199 Mixed Signal Front End (MxFE®) ICs Provide ASIC- Level Integration Without the Delays, Investment, and Risk.

Mixed signal ASICs require a large investment and extend time to market. Our MxFE family offers a flexible multi-function standard product approach for communication systems. MxFE products are application specific standard products (ASSPs) offering an optimum configuration of multiple ADCs, DACs, gain stages, and analog and digital filters.

Since MxFE converters are standard products, there is no NRE and MxFE devices are available now, so time to market risk is eliminated.

Broadband CODEC MxFE converters have been developed using ADI's extensive analog and mixed signal expertise, they target any broadband home networking and access system including those based on standards including HomePlug, HPNA and Wimax among many others.
 Part Number ADC Bits  ADC Clock Rate (MHz)  DAC Bits  DAC Clock Rate (MHz)  Primary Application 
 64 2x12  128 Broadband Wireless
 64 2x14  128 Broadband Wireless 
 80 2x10  200 Broadband Wireless 
 80 2x12 200  Broadband Wireless
10  80 2x12  200  Home Networking 
12   80 10 200  Home Networking 
10  50 10 128  Home Networking
 33,16,550 12  232 Cable Modem/Set-Top Box 
1x12,1x10,2x7   33,33,16.5 12 232  Cable Modem/Set-Top Box
1x12,1x10,2x7  33,33,16.5 12  232  Cable Modem/Set-Top Box 

IF Subsystem MxFE ICs are general purpose IF subsystems that digitize narrow band IF input signals.These devices include low-noise amplifiers, mixers, analog-to-digital converters, AGC circuitry, and programmable filters among other features. Serial output I & Q data streams facilitate DSP interfacing for software defined radio applications. These devices offer the highest performance narrowband receiver available, enabling cost reductions for APCO 25, TETRA, VSAT, RFID, GSM / EDGE, Satellite Asset tracking and many other applications.

 Part Number ADC Bits  ADC Clock Rate (MHz)  DAC Bits  DAC Clock Rate (MHz)  Primary Application 
26 N/A 128 Low Power IF Subsystem
26 N/A 128 Low Power IF Subsystem 
26 N/A  200 Base Station IF Subsystem

If you don't see an MxFE IC here for your application, we may be working on it. Please contact us with your requirements.