6B Series Power Supplies

Features - AC/DC Power Supplies

  • Fully Encapsulated
  • Chassis Mountable
  • Current Limit Short Circuit Protection
  • Low Output Ripple and Noise
  • Excellent Line and Load Regulation Characteristics
  • Free-Air Convention Cooling: No external Heat Sink Required
  • High Current Output Model
    5 V @ 5 amp; model PWR-01
  • Wide Input Voltage Range
    85 Vac to 205 Vac: Model PWR-01


Analog Devices' line of compact AC/DC modular supplies offer system designers a means of supplying a reliable, easy to use, low cost solution to powering the 5B Series and 6B Series Signal Conditioning subsystems. These models provide high accuracy, short circuit protected, regulated outputs with very low noise and ripple characteristics. All models contain threaded inserts to facilitate ease of mounting on the rear of the AC1363 19" rack mount kit. Screw terminals also provide ease of connections to both AC line supply and backplane power input terminals.

Model Descriptions

Three models are offered in power levels of 5 watt (Model 955) and 25 watt (Model PWR-01). High power, 25 watt, versions are supplied with plus and minus line sense terminals to facilitate remote load regulation. Two AC input voltage ranges provide the capability of handling varying line supply applications: 120 Vac (Model 955) and 120/240 Vac (Model PWR-01). These AC/DC supplies combine the advantages of both switching and linear regulated supplies in a small compact package. Using the switching regulator technique provides Model PWR-01 with high efficiency characteristics. The linear regulation method of Model 955 offers low levels of output noise and ripple - 2 mV rms, max. Model 955 provides a fixed 5 Vdc output (±2% max. accuracy), while Model PWR-01 offers an adjustable 5 Vdc output (±1% accuracy with ±3% adjustment range) and a "Power On" LED light.


If AC supply input fusing is desired, use a slow blow type fuse that is rated for 150% to 200% of the power supply's full load AC input. As a rule of thumb, the full load AC input current is typically 28 mA for each 1 watt of output power. Model PWR-01 is provided with an internal, nonreplaceable, 2 ampere slow blow fuse on the AC supply line. To protect signal conditioning modules, should internal faults occur, all supplies are designed to clamp at an output voltage of 6.2 volts.

Mechanical Outline Drawings

Mechanical outline drawings are available in Appendix H of the 6B Series User Manual.

Determining Power Requirements

The total 5B system power requirement is a function of the modules and backplanes that are selected. Individual requirements are listed in the following tables:

5B Series Module Current Requirements

Model  Current 
 6.5 mA
 5B30  30 mA
 5B31  30 mA
 5B32  30 mA
 30 mA
 5B35  15 mA
5B36  15 mA
5B37  30 mA
5B38  200 mA
5B39  170 mA
 5B40  30  mA
5B41  30 mA
 5B42  200 mA
 5B45  70 mA
 5B46  70 mA
 5B47  30 mA

5B Series Backplanes and Mounting
Current Requirements

Model  Current 
 0 mA
 32 mA
 0 mA
 0 mA
 0 mA
40 mA

 0 mA

5B Series Power Supply Specifications

(typical @ +25°C and nominal line voltage)

 Model 955
5 Watt Output
25 Watt Output
 Input Voltage Range
105 V rms to 125 V rms
85 V rms to 265 V rms
 50 Hz to 250 Hz
 47 Hz to 63 Hz
 Internal Line Fuse
 250 Vrms, 2 A Slo Blow

Output Voltage

 5 Vdc
 5 Vdc1
Remote Sense Terminals  N/A
Short Circuit Protection2
 Current Limited
 Current Limited
 Overvoltage Protection
 +6.2 V dc
 +6.0 V dc
 Output Current
 1000 mA
 5000 mA

Voltage Accuracy
 ±2% maximum
Temperature Coefficient
 Line Regulation
 Load Regulation
 Ripple & Noise
 2 mV pk-pk maximum
 50 mV pk-pk maximum
 Breakdown Voltage
 2500 V rms, minimum

2500 V rms, minimum
 Switching Frequency
 65 kHz
 Operating Temperature Range

-25°C to +71°C
 0°C to +70°C
 Storage Temperature Range

-25°C to +85°C
 -40°C to +85°C
 Free Air Convection
 Free Air Convection
 Chassis Mount; Encapsulated
 Mounting Threaded Inserts
 Four, 4-40 x 0.15"
 Four, 4-40 x 0.15"

1Adjustable ±3%
2Substantial overload can be withstood, including direct short. Prolonged operation should be avoided since excessive temperature rises will occur.
Specifications subject to change without notice.