6B Series Accessories

I/O Cable

The Model AC1382 optional 10-foot cable is required to connect a 25-pin RS-232C serial port from a host processor to a 6BP01-2, 6BP04-2, 6BP04HV-2 or 6BP16-2 backplane or a 6B50-2 board. The RS-232C connector is a female 25-pin DB-25. The 6BPXX-2 backplanes and the 6B50-2 digital board connector are male 25-pin DB-25. Only pins 1, 2, 3 and 7 (connected one-to-one) are connected.
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Model AC1382
The Model AC1385 is identical to the AC1382 cable except for a 9-pin female DB-9 connector that connects to 9-pin serial ports. Pins 2, 3 and 5 on the DB-9 connector are connected to pins 3, 2 and 7, respectively on the DB-25 connector. 

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Model AC1385
The Model CAB-03 3-foot flat ribbon cable connects the 6B50-1 or 6B50-2 TTL-level discrete I/O channels to the DB-16 solid state relay backplanes. 

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Model CAB-03

CJC Temperature Sensor

The Model AC1361 temperature sensor provides cold junction temperature measurement for thermocouple applications on user-designed backplanes or mounting boards. These SIP temperature sensors are included on each channel of all 6B Series backplanes.

The minimum purchase quantity for the AC1361 is 50 pieces.
Model AC1361
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Current Conversion Resistor

The Model AC1381 is an encapsulated, plug-in, 50 Ω, 0.1%, 1/8 watt, 10 ppm/°C resistor that converts current to voltage. The AC1381 can be mounted directly on the 6B Series backplanes and is required for each 4-20 mA or 0-20 mA input channel.
Model AC1381
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Mounting Kit - Rack Mount

The Model AC1380 optional rack-mount kit fits any 6B Series backplane into a 19-inch rack, requiring 19-inch x 3.5-inch area. The bottom plate has threaded inserts for mounting each of the three backplanes using four screws, and pre-drilled holes for attachment of an AC/DC power supply (PWR-01). Mounting hardware is provided with the AC1380.

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Model AC1380

Configuration Jumpers

Model AC1344 is a spare set of 10 configuration jumpers (W1) for the 6B Series backplanes and 6B50 Digital I/O boards. A configuration jumper is used to establish or change the address, baud rate and checksum of any module when inserted in any backplane first socket. A configuration jumper is used to establish or change the address of any 6B50 board.

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Model AC1344

Power Supplies

The Model PWR-01 AC/DC modular power supply provides a +5 V DC regulated output. Model PWR-01 offers a +5 V DC @ 5 ampere output (25 watts). Model PWR-01 accepts a wide input range of 85 V AC to 280 V AC.

 Model PWR-01

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 After connecting a power cord, no additional external components are required with this power supply. Simply mount the unit on the backplane and connect power. For the AC/DC supplies, connect Model AC1340-D power cord to the AC POWER terminals, TB33. 

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Model AC1340-D

User Manual and Configuration Software

The optional Model AC1383 complete reference manual provides detailed information on setting up the 6B Series Subsystem. The manual includes complete specifications and the 6B Series Command Set. An included utility/demo software on a 3.5-inch software diskette enables a user to configure, calibrate, read data from or write data to the 6B Series modules and 6B50 I/O boards, without writing his own application programs. The 6B Series User Manual with software diskette must be ordered as a separate item.

Download the User Manual (PDF).

ac1383 Model AC1383