5B Series Configuration Guide


The 5B Series signal conditioning modules provide a low cost, high performance method of interconnecting real-world analog signals with data acquisition, process monitoring or control systems. They are designed to interface directly to analog inputs such as thermocouples, RTD's, strain gages, frequencies, potentiometers, slide wires, mV, V or process current signals. These inputs are converted into standardized, isolated analog outputs compatible with high-level analog I/O systems. An output module converts a high-level analog input to an isolated process current signal. All modules operate from a single, regulated +5 Vdc supply.

A nonisolated voltage switch input module, Model AC1367, allows preconditioned input signals to be routed through a 5B backplane. A selection of four backplanes, three mounting sockets, three power supplies and a range of accessories complete the 5B Series and facilitate its integration in a system design.

This guide contains configuration and ordering information for the 5B Series products. Three areas must be addressed when placing an order: module ranges, recommended accessories and system configuration.

Module Ranges

Each 5B Series module is available in a variety of standard input/output ranges that are defined in each 2-page product section and are indicated by the suffix attached to the module number (e.g. 5B32-02 is a current input module with an input range of 0 mA to 20 mA and an output range of 0 V to + 5 V).

Special 5B Series input module ranges can be ordered. For the voltage, frequency, RTD, thermocouple and potentiometer input modules, "custom" modules can be factory configured for nonstandard input and output ranges, including zero suppression and custom gains. To take advantage of the full range of your data acquisition system, modules can be configured for user specified input ranges. Custom modules are not available for the current output modules. To order, indicate the desired module type with a suffix of "-CUSTOM" as well as the desired input, output ranges and sensor type where applicable; for example, 5B34-CUSTOM, 100 ohm Pt RTD, 500°C to 600°C or 5B37-CUSTOM, TC type K, 0°C to 1150°C. Refer to the tables for assistance in selecting and ordering "-Custom" modules. There may be an additional charge and minimum order quantities for custom ranging.

For more information on a particular 5B Series Module, choose the module from the list of Available 5B Series Modules.


To ease the design process and to complete the 5B Series subsystem solution, various accessories and spare parts are available and should be ordered as separate items. For more information on a particular accessory, go to the Accessories page.

System Design Considerations

The 5B Series modules are easily integrated into the system designers' circuit board or backplane. These functionally complete single-channel I/O signal conditioners are ready to be plugged in. Simply select and order the desired functions.

The modules' 40 mil pins fit into widely available pin sockets such as AMP Inc.'s part number 645500-1. The modules are secured with self-contained, metric mounting screws and 3 mm inserts such as PEM's (Penn Engineering and Manufacturing Corp.) KFS2-M3. Cold junction temperature sensors - Model AC1361 - are available for thermocouple applications; and, although this sensor is only used by thermocouples, it can be installed in all channel locations allowing "mix-and match" capability applications that include thermocouples. Provision for the current conversion resistor that comes with each current input module must be made in all designs that may use current inputs.

Module Selection

Configuring the subsystem will involve choosing the number and types of 5B Series Modules - RTDs, thermocouple, etc. - that the application requires. This includes specifying the standard range desired or the custom range required. For help in ordering custom ranged 5B Series modules, refer to the custom ranging tables for each model, shown in this ordering section.

For more information on a particular 5B Series Module, choose the module from the list of available 5B series modules.

Backplane or Mounting Card Selection

Depending upon the number of modules selected and on the type of system interface desired, the appropriate backplanes or mounting cards can be chosen. Available backplanes consist of 16-channel and 8-channel types, in either multiplexed (bussed) or independent channel configurations. Mounting cards are available in either single or 2-channel versions, and can be DIN rail mounted (using mounting systems compatible with Phoenix* DIN rail mounting systems - Models 5B03, 5B04 or AC1360) or panel mount using mounting standoffs provided (Model AC1360).

For more information on the 5B Series Backplanes or Mounting Cards, go to the backplanes and mounting cards section.


All backplanes and mounting cards require an external regulated +5 Vdc power supply. Typical input module powerconsumption is 0.15 W or 30 mA at +5 Vdc. Typical output module power requirement is 0.85 W or 170 mA at + 5 Vdc. The total power requirement of a subsystem must be calculated by summing the requirement of all modules. Chassis mounted +5 Vdc @ 1 A (Model 955) and +5 Vdc @ 5 A (Models 977 and PWR-01) regulated power supplies are available. When selecting alternative +5 Vdc power supplies, low output ripple and noise is a primary consideration. Additionally, over voltage protection should be provided to prevent the 5B Series power supply voltage from exceeding + 6.2 Vdc in the event of a power supply failure.

For more information on the 5B Series Power Supplies, go to the power supplies section.

System Interconnection

The 16-channel and 8-channel backplanes (Models 5B01, 5B02, 5B08 and 5B08-MUX) have 26-pin connectors for system interface. Model AC1315 is a 2' (60 cm), flat ribbon, 26-pin cable with two connectors. Model AC1324 is a universal adapter board with screw terminal outputs.

For more information on Cables, go to the Cables section on the Accessories page.


To mount the 5B01, 5B02, 5B08 or 5B08-MUX backplanes in a 19" panel space, the AC1363 rack mount kit should be ordered. Note that two 8-channel backplanes cannot be mounted in a single AC1363. The chassis mount power supplies (Model 955, 977 and PWR-01) can be mounted on the back of the rack mount kit.

For more information on Rack Mount Kits, go to the Mounting Kits section on the Accessories Page.

Configuration Example

A typical 5B Series subsystem application may consist of two millivolt input modules, two RTD temperature input modules that require custom ranging, four type K thermocouple input modules and two current output modules. This requirement could be satisfied with the units listed below.

Quantity  Model   Description/Comments
2 5B30-05
± 50 mV input, 0 V to +5 V output
100 Ω platinum, +100° C to +400° C input range, 0 V to +5 V output
4 5B37-K-02
Type K thermocouple input, 0 V to + 5 V output
2 5B39-01
0 V to + 5 V input, 4 mA to 20 mA output
1 5B01
16-channel backplane
1 AC1363
19" rack mount kit
1 955
+ 5 Vdc @ 1 A regulated power supply
 1 AC1315
2´ ribbon cable with two 26-pin connectors
1 AC1324
Universal adapter board with 26-screw terminals


A 5B Series User Manual is shipped with each 5B01, 5B02, 5B08 and 5B08-MUX backplane. Additional copies may be ordered as Model AC1364.

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