CMOS 80 MHz, Triple 10-Bit Video DACs

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Replacement Parts

Rochester Electronics and Arrow Supply Assurance have partnered with Analog Devices to source products that have been previously discontinued or have become obsolete.

Product Details

The ADV7121/ADV7122 (ADV®) is a video speed, digital-to-analog converter on a single monolithic chip. The part is specifically designed for high resolution color graphics and video systems including high definition television (HDTV). It is also ideal for any application requiring a low cost, high speed DAC function especially in communications. It consists of three, high speed, 10-bit, video D/A converters (RGB), a standard TTL input interface and high impedance, analog output, current sources.

The ADV7121/ADV7122 has three separate, 10-bit, pixel input ports, one each for red, green and blue video data. A single +5 V power supply, an external 1.23 V reference and pixel clock input is all that is required to make the part operational. The ADV7122 has additional video control signals, composite SYNC and BLANK.

The ADV7121/ADV7122 is capable of generating RGB video output signals which are compatible with RS-343A, RS-170 and most proposed production system HDTV video standards, including SMPTE 240M.

The ADV7121/ADV7122 is fabricated in a +5 V CMOS process. Its monolithic CMOS construction ensures greater functionality with low power dissipation. The ADV7121 is packaged in a 0.6", 40-pin plastic DIP package. The ADV7122 is packaged in a 44-pin plastic leaded (J-lead) chip carrier, PLCC, and 48-lead thin quad flatpack (TQFP).

Product Highlights

  1. Fast video refresh rate, 80 MHz.
  2. Guaranteed monotonic to 10 bits. Ten bits of resolution allows for implementation of linearization functions such as gamma correction and contrast enhancement.
  3. Compatible with a wide variety of high resolution color graphics systems including RS-343A/RS-170 and the proposed SMPTE 240M standard for HDTV.


  • High Definition Television (HDTV)
  • High Resolution Color Graphics
  • CAE/CAD/CAM Applications
  • Image Processing
  • Instrumentation
  • Video Signal Reconstruction
  • Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS)
  • I/Q Modulation

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