Digital Video Encoder with Macrovision with Anticopy Circuitry

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Product Details

The ADV7175A/ADV7176A is an integrated digital video encoder that converts Digital CCIR-601 4:2:2 8 or 16-bit component video data into a standard analog baseband television signal compatible with worldwide standards. The 4:2:2 YUV video data is interpolated to two times the pixel rate. The color-difference components (UV) are quadrature modulated using a subcarrier frequency generated by an on-chip 32-bit digital synthesizer (also running at two times the pixel rate). The two times pixel rate sampling allows for better signal-to-noise- ratio. A 32-bit DDS with a 10-bit look-up table produces a superior subcarrier in terms of both frequency and phase. In addition to the composite output signal, there is the facility to output S-Video (Y/C) video, YUV or RGB video. The Y/C, YUV or RGB format is simultaneously available at the analog outputs with the composite video signal.