NTSC/PAL/SECAM Video Decoder

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Replacement Parts

Rochester Electronics and Arrow Supply Assurance have partnered with Analog Devices to source products that have been previously discontinued or have become obsolete.

Product Details

The ADV7181, part of ADI's new generation of integrated video decoders automatically detects and converts a standard analog baseband television signal compatible with worldwide standards NTSC, PAL, or SECAM into 8-bit precision 4:2:2 component video data.

ADI's ADLLT (Adaptive Digital Line Length Tracking) technology brings advantages to any digital video capture, processing or display application. A proprietary architecture for variable input video quality detection and synchronisation, ADLLT enables:

  • Stable TV Tuner Signal Capture
  • Reliable VCR Signal Capture
  • Non-Standard Video Signal Capture
  • Automatic Source-Dependent Y/C seperation
  • Applications

  • DVD recorders
  • DVRs / PVRs
  • Set-Top-Box Video Capture
  • Video Projectors
  • SDTV only LCD-TVs
  • PC Video Capture Devices
  • Video Security & Surveillance Systems