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The ADV202 is a single-chip JPEG2000 codec targeted for video and high bandwidth image compression applications that can benefit from the enhanced quality and feature set provided by the JPEG2000 (J2K)—ISO/IEC15444-1 image compression standard. The part implements the computationally intensive operations of the JPEG2000 image compression standard as well as providing fully compliant code-stream generation for most applications.

The ADV202's dedicated video port provides glueless connection to common digital video standards such as ITU.R-BT656, SMPTE125M, SMPTE293M (525p), ITU.R-BT1358 (625p), SMPTE274M (1080i), or SMPTE296M (720p). A variety of other high speed, synchronous pixel and video formats can also be sup-ported using the programmable framing and validation signals.

The ADV202 can process images at a rate of 40 MSPS in reversible mode and at higher rates when used in irreversible mode. The ADV202 contains a dedicated wavelet transform engine, three entropy codecs, an on-board memory system, and an embedded RISC processor that can provide a complete JPEG2000 compression/decompression solution.

The wavelet processor supports the 9/7 irreversible wavelet transform and the 5/3 wavelet transform in reversible and irreversible modes. The entropy codecs support all features in the JPEG2000 Part 1 specification, except Maxshift ROI.

The ADV202 operates on a rectangular array of pixel samples called a tile. A tile can contain a complete image, up to the maximum supported size, or some portion of an image. The maximum horizontal tile size supported depends on the wavelet transform selected and the number of samples in the tile. Images larger than the ADV202’s maximum tile size can be broken into individual tiles and then sent sequentially to the chip while still maintaining a single, fully compliant JPEG2000 code stream for the entire image.


The ADV202 supports a broad set of features that are included in Part 1 of the JPEG2000 standard (ISO/IEC 15444). Depending on the particular application requirements, the ADV202 can provide varying levels of JPEG2000 compression support. It can provide raw code-block and attribute data output, which allow the host software to have complete control over the generation of the JPEG2000 code stream and other aspects of the compression process such as bit-rate control. Otherwise, the ADV202 can create a complete, fully compliant JPEG2000 code stream (.j2c) and enhanced file formats such as .jp2 and .j2c. See Getting Started with ADV202 for information on the formats that the ADV202 currently supports.

Application notes and other ADV202 support documents can be accessed over the ADV202 product page at:

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