Wavescale™ JPEG 2000 Video Codec for Consumer Video

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The ADV216 Wavescale codec implements JPEG 2000-compatible compression and decompression targeted for HDTV applications. HDMI cable-replacement applications, such as wireless HDMI, can benefit from the enhanced quality and features provided by the JPEG 2000 ISO/IEC 15444-1-compatible Wavescale image compression technology. The part implements the computationally intensive operations of the JPEG 2000 image compression standard and provides fully compliant code-stream generation for HDTV applications.

The ADV216 supports glueless connection to HDMI Tx and HDMI Rx devices.

The ADV216 is typically used in multichip configurations. A two-chip configuration supports input formats EIA/CEA-861B HDTV 1280 × 720p at 50 Hz, 59.94 Hz or 60 Hz and 1920 × 1080i at 50 Hz, 59.94 Hz or 60 Hz. A four-chip configuration can support an EIA/CEA-861B HDTV 1920 × 1080p at 23.97 Hz, 24 Hz, 25 Hz, 29.97 Hz, 30 Hz, 50 Hz, 59.94 Hz, or 60 Hz implementation with additional external logic required to separate or recombine the video stream.


  • Networked HDTV HDMI video systems
  • Wireless HDTV HDMI video systems

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