Single-Supply 16-Bit Sigma Delta Stereo ADC

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The input section of the AD1870 uses autocalibration to correct any dc offset voltage present in the circuit, provided that the inputs are ac-coupled. The single-ended dc input voltage can swing The AD1870 is a stereo, 16-bit oversampling ADC based on sigma-delta technology intended primarily for digital audio bandwidth applications requiring a single 5 V power supply. Each single-ended channel consists of a fourth-order one-bit noise shaping modulator and a digital decimation filter. An on-chip voltage reference, stable over temperature and time, defines the full-scale range for both channels. Digital output data from both channels are time-multiplexed to a single, flexible serial interface. The AD1870 accepts a 256 x fS or a 384 x fS input clock (fS is the sampling frequency) and operates in both serial port "master" and "slave" modes. In slave mode, all clocks must be externally derived from a common source.