New Low-Cost, Single-Supply, MultiChannel Synchronous VFC

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Replacement Parts

Rochester Electronics is the only authorized source of Analog Devices' products that have previously been discontinued or have become obsolete. Product availability should be checked directly with Rochester Electronics.

Product Details

The AD7741/AD7742 are a new generation of synchronous voltage-to-frequency converters (VFCs). The AD7741 is a single-channel version in an 8-lead package (SOIC/DIP) and the AD7742 is a multichannel version in a 16-lead package (SOIC/ DIP). No user trimming is required to achieve the specified performance.

The AD7741 has a single buffered input whereas the AD7742 has four buffered inputs that may be configured as two fully-differential inputs or three pseudo-differential inputs. Both parts include an on-chip +2.5 V bandgap reference that provides the user with the option of using this internal reference or an external reference.

An evaluation board for both the AD7741 and the AD7742 is available. The model number is EVAL-AD7741/42EB, and details can be viewed by selecting the "Evaluation Tools" button to the left.