Single-Phase Energy Measurement IC with 8052 MCU, RTC, and LCD Driver

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Rochester Electronics and Arrow Supply Assurance have partnered with Analog Devices to source products that have been previously discontinued or have become obsolete.

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The ADE7116/ADE7166/ADE7169/ADE7566/ADE7569 integrate Analog Devices, Inc., energy (ADE) metering IC analog front end and fixed function DSP solution with an enhanced 8052 MCU core, an RTC, an LCD driver, and all the peripherals to make an electronic energy meter with an LCD display in a single device.

The ADE measurement core includes active, reactive, and apparent energy calculations, as well as voltage and current rms measurements. This information is accessible for energy billing by using built in energy scalars. Many power line supervisory features such as SAG, peak, and zero crossing are included in the energy measurement DSP to simplify energy meter design.

The microprocessor functionality includes a single-cycle 8052 core, a real-time clock with a power supply backup pin, a UART, and an SPI or I2C® interface. The ready to use information from the ADE core reduces the program memory size requirement, making it easy to integrate complicated design into 16 kB of flash memory.

The ADE7116/ADE7166/ADE7169/ADE7566/ADE7569 also include a 108-/104-segment LCD driver. In the ADE7166/ADE7169/ADE7566/ADE7569, this driver generates voltages capable of driving LCDs up to 5 V.