A/D, 3 Digit BCD, +5V

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Replacement Parts

Rochester Electronics and Arrow Supply Assurance have partnered with Analog Devices to source products that have been previously discontinued or have become obsolete.

Product Details

The AD2020 is a low cost 3 digit AID Converter, needing only 10 additional support components to make a complete 3 digit DPM/DVM. The small total component count, the low cost, and high reliability allow for a wide variation in display applications, especially those previously utilizing APM's (Analog Panel Meters).

The technology utilized in the AD2020 is Integrated Injection Logic (I2L), an extension of the long proven, high yield bipolar process. This technique offers a significantly higher circuit packing density. The input amplifier, comparator, band-gap reference, counters, clock, control logic, multiplexer and drivers needed to implement the dual slope conversion, are all included on a single die.

The AD2020, although it has an internal reference, consumes only SOmWof power and is operated from a single +5V supply, unlike most DPM chips requiring two (2) supplies. The DPM chip is packaged in a standard size 16 pin-dual-in-line package. Utilizing a unique double passivation and noble-metal interconnect scheme, this plastic package offers essentially hermetic performance over a wide temperature range. The chip is available in two versions with differing guaranteed operating temperature ranges. The standard AD2020 is specified from 0 to +75°C and because of the special packaging technique, an extended temperature version is also available upon request.