10-Bit, 40 MSPS/60 MSPS A/D Converter

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Replacement Parts

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Product Details

The AD9050 is a complete 10-bit monolithic sampling analog-to- digital converter (ADC) with an onboard track-and-hold and reference. The unit is designed for low cost, high performance applications and requires only +5 V and an encode clock to achieve 40 MSPS or 60 MSPS sample rates with 10-bit resolution. The encode clock is TTL compatible and the digital outputs are CMOS; both can operate with 5 V/3 V logic, selected by the user. The two-step architecture used in the AD9050 is optimized to provide the best dynamic performance available while maintaining low power consumption.

A 2.5 V reference is included onboard, or the user can provide an external reference voltage for gain control or matching of multiple devices. Fabricated on an advanced BiCMOS process, the AD9050 is packaged in space saving surface mount packages (SOIC, SSOP) and is specified over the industrial (-40°C to +85°C) temperature range. The 60 MSPS version (AD9050BRS-60) is only available in the SSOP package.