Analog Devices focuses on designing amplifiers that deliver high performance and high value. ADI combines circuit design, manufacturing process innovation, and applications expertise to create products that simplify signal conditioning design.

Our online design tools help engineers to quickly select the right product from our broad portfolio of precision operational amplifiers, high speed operational amplifiers, instrumentation amplifiers, differential amplifiers, comparators, voltage references, and other specialty amplifiers.

ADC Drivers

Beginning with the industry’s first differential amplifier, ADI has developed a portfolio of ADC drivers to meet any performance requirement.

Differential Amplifiers

Differential amplifiers from Analog Devices are highly integrated and optimized for a diverse range of differential signaling applications.

Instrumentation Amplifiers

Analog Devices offers a complete line of precision, low noise, low power in-amps with an excellent common-mode rejection ratio (CMRR) for every application and market.

Isolation Amplifiers

Isolation amplifiers protect data acquisition components from destructive voltages present at remote transducers, and can eliminate measurement errors caused by ground loops.

RF Amplifiers

ADI’s extensive family of single-ended, input/output fixed-gain RF amplifiers utilize the company’s leading amplifier and RF IC expertise.

RF Power Detectors

ADI offers a broad portfolio of high performance RF detectors to measure RF and IF signals in wireless systems.

Variable Gain Amplifiers

Variable gain amplifiers are used in remote sensing and communications equipment. Their applications include ultrasound, radar, lidar, wireless communications, and speech analysis.

Video Amplifiers and Analog Video Functions