SHARC Processors

The SHARC® Processor family dominates the floating-point DSP market with exceptional core and memory performance and outstanding I/O throughput. For as little as 319 MFLOPS/dollar, SHARC brings floating-point processing performance to applications where dynamic range is key.


SHARC Processors

Part# Clock Speed (MHz)MMACS (Max)On-Chip SRAMExternal I/O VoltageExternal Memory SupportedGP TimersUARTSSPITWISPORTsWD TimersSPDIF TransceiverGPIOsUS Price 1000-4999
ADSP-21467450MHz9005Mbit1.8 V, 3.3 VDDR21218-Yes16 **
ADSP-21477200MHz4002Mbit3.3 V-211-82Yes16 $7.75
ADSP-21478266MHz5323Mbit3.3 VAsync, SDRAM211-82Yes16 $7.99
ADSP-21479266MHz5325Mbit3.3 VAsync, SDRAM212182Yes16 $8.77
ADSP-21483400MHz8003Mbit3.3 VAsync, SDRAM21218-Yes16 **
ADSP-21486400MHz8005Mbit3.3 VAsync21218-Yes16 **
ADSP-21487450MHz9005Mbit3.3 VAsync, SDRAM21218-Yes16 **
ADSP-21488400MHz8003Mbit3.3 VAsync, SDRAM212182Yes16 $10.77
ADSP-21489450MHz9005Mbit3.3 VAsync, SDRAM212182Yes16 $11.63
ADSP-21469450MHz9005Mbit1.8 V, 3.3 VDDR21218-Yes16 $24.75
ADSP-21375266MHz532500Kbit3.3 VAsync, SDRAM21214-Yes16 $9.83
ADSP-21371266MHz5321Mbit3.3 VAsync, SDRAM21218-Yes16 $13.27
ADSP-21367400MHz8002Mbit3.3 VAsync, SDRAM32218-Yes16 **
ADSP-21368400MHz8002Mbit3.3 VAsync, SDRAM32218--16 $31.04
ADSP-21369400MHz8002Mbit3.3 VAsync, SDRAM32218-Yes16 $19.69
ADSP-21362333MHz6663Mbit3.3 VAsync3-2-6-Yes16 **
ADSP-21363333MHz6663Mbit3.3 VAsync3-2-6-Yes16 $20.22
ADSP-21364333MHz6663Mbit3.3 VAsync3-2-6-Yes16 $29.75
ADSP-21365333MHz6663Mbit3.3 VAsync3-2-6--16 **
ADSP-21366333MHz6663Mbit3.3 VAsync3---6-Yes16 $22.6
ADSP-21261150MHz3001Mbit3.3 VAsync3-1-4--16 $6.64
ADSP-21262200MHz4002Mbit3.3 VAsync3161-6--16 $17.15
ADSP-21266200MHz4002Mbit3.3 VAsync3-1-6-No16 **
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