Intuitive Surgical Uses SHARC® to Translate Surgeon's Movements to Robotic Instruments Inside Patients

Robots used as "Super Scalpels"
Thousands of people every year are forced to choose heart surgery over death. While this is obviously the right and sometimes the only choice, the thought of having one's chest cut open with a saw will put fear into the hearts and souls of even the bravest. Many older patients in fact must choose not to have surgery because of the risk involved in historical invasive open-heart methods. With the ability now to live longer, these choices can rob them of their active lifestyles in this phase of life. Using non-invasive "micro-surgery" and inserting medical instruments into small incisions, Intuitive Surgical has pioneered an innovative approach to helping patients with these challenging and life-altering decisions. Intuitive Surgical was founded in 1995 based on foundational robotic surgery developed at Stanford Research Institute. Since that time they have established themselves as the leader in operative surgical robots and are "taking surgery beyond the limits of the human hand."

ADI ADSP-21062L DSPs at the heart of the da Vinci® Surgical Robot
Engineering teams in the medical industry are presented with an interesting series of challenges; product lifetimes are longer, cost considerations are key and critical medical circumstances exist. Intuitive Surgical faced a number of difficult decisions as they moved forward with their product blueprints. Knowing the huge benefits to the patients, they also turned their focus to the hospitals and surgical units who would be embracing this technology. They wanted to instill confidence to both sets of customers that they would be dedicated to their technology into the future and that they could provide integrity and also consider the rising costs of health care. For all of these reasons, they chose ADI technology to create the da Vinci® Surgical Robot which is now responsible for enhancing lives of patients all over the world. Using the da Vinci® Surgical System, the surgeon operates while seated comfortably at a console viewing a 3-D image of the surgical field. The surgeon's fingers grasp the master controls below the display and the technology seamlessly translates the surgeon's hand, wrist and finger movements into precise, real-time movements of the surgical instruments inside the patient. The ADI DSP technology makes robot motions actually MORE precise than the surgeon based on signal "processing" vs. simply transferring the hand-motions.

Native Multi-Processor Support and Long Term Commitments Facilitate Design
Mike Tierney, Intuitive's Principal Engineer explains, "The cornerstone of our design is a cluster of 7 ADSP-21062L 32-bit DSPs. We selected this platform based on a requirement for high speed Digital Signal Processing and an architecture that supported multiprocessing. With the high speed link ports on the ADSP-21062, we were able to implement a tightly-coupled cluster of DSP's", Tierney added, "ADI and their distribution partner Avnet Cilicon have shown seamless support and continue to provide excellent, prompt responses to our questions and have also been consistently on the same page with respect to our needs." Besides the growth expectation for the daVinci® and other current products, Intuitive will continue to look to ADI for technical expertise. "We believe that ADI has a clear roadmap and a well thought out migration path", Tierney continued, "We see them as essential partners, and are looking to the TigerSHARC® for our future."

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