Fujitsu Ten Leverages SHARC® to Deliver Advanced Acoustic Equalization and Superior Performance for Car Audio Systems

Analog Devices' high-performance SHARC processors drive Fujitsu Ten's automotive power amplifiers to new peaks

Renowned for its precision audio equipment, Fujitsu Ten designs and manufacturers automotive audio systems that extend the high quality, surround-sound home audio experience to the automobile. To ensure high performance output, advanced acoustic equalization and exceptional sound quality in an automobile cabin environment, Fujitsu Ten selected Analog Devices' floating point SHARC® processor as the digital signal processing engine to power its audio amplifiers.

SHARC's exceptional core performance, flexible connectivity options, and integrated audio application-specific peripherals have enabled Fujitsu Ten to overcome the challenging acoustical constraints of automobile cabins, producing an automotive sound experience that cannot be matched by traditional 'factory' car amplifiers. Leveraging the high performance SHARC DSP architecture to power its pioneering Acoustical Space Control Technology, Fujitsu Ten's power audio amplifiers outperform the competition with advanced acoustic equalization and effects processing capabilities that yield exquisite sound quality.

A New Standard for Acoustic Equalization

Fujitsu Ten's Acoustical Space Control Technology mitigates the impact of vibration to the automobile chassis on audio quality, and compensate for the reflective and absorptive acoustical properties of cabin glass and upholstery, respectively. Through real time signal processing, SHARC enables Fujitsu Ten to cancel out reflected cabin sound and reduces the reflected sound, thereby compensating simultaneously for the acoustic reflective effects and improving overall sound quality. Additionally, SHARC allows Fujitsu Ten to compensate for the acoustic limitations of loudspeakers such as frequency response and physical placement challenges in the cabin to assure a spatially enhanced surround-sound audio experience. With these advanced capabilities, Fujitsu Ten's SHARC-based power audio amplifiers offer automobile manufacturers a flexible, premium audio amplifier platform that can fit seamlessly into almost any vehicle and deliver the consistent, rich listening experience that customers have come to expect from Fujitsu Ten.

Analog Devices' floating point SHARC processor, widely considered to be the gold standard for premium audio processing, delivers the high-performance digital signal processing (333 MHz/2 GFLOPS) that enables Fujitsu Ten's Acoustical Space Control Technology to mimic the clarity and acoustics of a premium home audio setting. SHARC also enables Fujitsu Ten to implement the finite impulse response (FIR) filter required to process dynamic sound adjustments.

Simplifying Audio System Design and Development

In addition to providing the intensive computational power demanded by Fujitsu Ten's audio power amplifiers, SHARC processors integrate large memory arrays and advanced on-chip peripherals into a single, converged architecture to simplify product development and reduce time to market. The SHARC ADSP-21364 processor's integrated 8-channel asynchronous sample rate converter is a key enabler for Fujitsu Ten's Acoustical Space Control Technology, helping Fujitsu Ten to reduce bill of materials (BOM) costs and achieve a smaller form factor for its audio amplifiers. On-board sample rate conversion assures enhanced audio signal conversion and also minimizes the performance latency that typically accompanies external peripherals.

Fujitsu Ten leveraged Analog Devices' EZ-KIT Lite® evaluation kit to quickly and cost-effectively assess SHARC's capabilities. The USB-based, PC-hosted EZ-KIT tool set enables developers to familiarize themselves with SHARC features and functionality, and prototype a wide range of applications with great efficiency. Analog Devices' VisualDSP++® easy-to-install, easy-to-use software development and debugging environment further enabled Fujitsu Ten to streamline the product development process and bring their power audio amplifiers to market faster.

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