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Analog Devices has an expanding portfolio of DSPs, Mixed-Signal Control Processors, Embedded Processors and Analog Microcontrollers for a wide variety of general-purpose and application-specific needs.

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Blackfin Embedded Vision Starter Kit

  • Blackfin

  • Blackfin® Processors embody a new breed of 16/32-bit embedded processor, ideally suited for products where a convergence of capabilities are necessary - multi-format audio, video, voice and image processing...

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  • SHARC® Processors, dominate the floating-point Digital Signal Processing market, delivering exceptional core and memory performance complemented by outstanding I/O throughput. Starting at 319 MFLOPS per dollar...

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  • SigmaDSP

  • The SigmaDSP® processors are fully programmable, single-chip audio DSPs that are easily configurable through the SigmaStudio™ Graphical Development Tool, and are ideal for automotive and portable audio markets...

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  • TigerSHARC

  • TigerSHARC® Processors provide the highest performance density for multiprocessing applications with peak performance well above a billion floating-point operations per second...

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  • CM4xx Mixed-Signal Control Processors

  • The CM4xx Mixed Signal Control Processors utilize the ARM Cortex M4 processor core integrated with high precision ADCs, digital accelerators and filters, SRAM and flash memories and a rich set of peripherals. The CM4xx processors are suitable for a wide myriad of embedded applications requiring high performance real-time control and analog conversion.

    CM4xx Mix-Signal Control Processors

  • Precision Analog Microcontrollers

  • Precision Analog Microcontrollers feature ARM7, Cortex M3 or 8051 processor, with embedded flash/SRAM, 12 to 24-Bit ADC's, SAR and-bit Sigma-delta architectures; 12-Bit voltage & current DAC's; sub-1GHz RF integration; LIN transceiver; 1.8V to 18V power supply; 125°C operation, and more.

    Precision Analog Microcontrollers

  • ADSP-21xx

  • ADSP-21xx Processors, are code- and pin-compatible families of Digital Signal Processors with performance up to 160MHz and power as low as 184 micro-amps. The ADSP-21xx family is ideal for...

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Reference Designs

Reference Designs are hardware/software designs developed by our third party network, distributors or ADI to help integrate standalone products. Reference designs are available in the following application areas:

Documentation And Resources

Title Content Type File Type
ADSP-CM40x Series of Mixed-Signal Processors
This video highlights the advanced features and functionality of the new ADSP-CM40x series of mixed-signal processors featuring an integrated 240 MHZ floating point ARM® Cortex - M4 core and best-in-class dual ADC performance.
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EngineerZone® Online Technical Support Community
The EngineerZone® support community enables customers to engage online with ADI experts and fellow engineers to find answers to complex and frequently asked technical product and application questions.
Videos HTML
Bluetechnix BF609 System-on-Module and 3D Sensor Demo
This video features the new BF609 based eCM-BF609 Module and the Sentis-ToF-M100 3D-Sensor by Bluetechnix. The Time-of-Flight (ToF) sensor with a Blackfin processor enables completely integrated solutions for robotics, HMI or people counting.
Videos HTML
Blackfin® ADSP-BF609 Embedded Vision System
The Embedded Vision demo allows customers to quickly evaluate the processing capabilities of the new dual-core BF609 Blackfin processor, featuring accelerated image processing combined with low system cost and low power dissipation.
Videos HTML
Debugging on a Hardware Target with CCES
This module will examine the process of debugging projects on a hardware target with CrossCore® Embedded Studio.
Videos HTML
How to Use the ADuCRF101 Serial Downloader
This video shows how to get the ADuCRF101 into serial download mode and how to access and use the supplied serial downloader software tools.
Videos HTML
Get Started with the ADuCRF101 Development System
This video shows how to get to up and running with the ADuCRF101 development system and access and download the supplied software tools.
Videos HTML
How to Order the ADuCRF101 Evaluation Board
The ADuCRF101is a complete data aquisiton system that is designed for low power wireless applications. It contains a 14-Bit precision ADC, a low power Cortex-M3 core , RF transceiver and flash/EE memory.
Videos HTML
Analog Devices Multi Protocol Industrial Communications
See how two key technologies – industrial communication modules and isolated transceivers – are used with a Blackfin® processor to simplify the coordination of multiple motor drives using multiprotocol industrial wired communications.
Videos HTML
Touch Screen Robotic Arm Control through an Isolated CAN
See how a robot arm controller board simplifies operation and improves accuracy with a signal and power isolated CAN transceiver and microcontroller that receives CAN messages from the Blackfin ezkit.
Videos HTML
Experience the action at X-fest 2012 with Analog Devices
Analog Devices takes you inside the Boston event to witness the exciting activity taking place at these events worldwide. Hear how ADI, the analog signal processing experts, is enabling advanced technology solutions for Xilinx FPGAs.
Videos HTML
Creating, Configuring, and Building Projects
This module walks through the process of creating executables using CrossCore® Embedded Studio (CCES). Topics include using the new project wizard, configuring system and tools options, and the build process.
Videos HTML
Navigating Through the CrossCore® Embedded Studio IDE
This module introduces terminology and concepts associated with using an Eclipse based IDE. Topics covered include basics on perspectives and views, how to find help, and a quick look at how to maneuver within the IDE.
Videos HTML
CrossCore® Embedded Studio: Online Training Overview
Features of the new IDE are highlighted and a brief comparison is made with VisualDSP++. The module also shows what training support is available to get up and running with CrossCore® Embedded Studio.
Videos HTML
Preview Analog Devices Technology Demos for X-fest 2012
X-fest is the premiere worldwide training event for FPGA designers. As a platinum sponsor, Analog Devices will join co-hosts Avnet and Xilinx in delivering the advanced technology solutions that will be demonstrated at an X-fest location near you.
Videos HTML
System Demonstration Platform
The System Demonstration Platform (SDP) is a low-cost, re-usable and versatile evaluation system. It is comprised of controller, interposer, and daughter boards, and is compatible with a growing number of ADI component and reference circuits.
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Mixed Signal and DSP Design Techniques Design Handbooks HTML
How to Read a Datasheet
What is in a datasheet, and how can the information it contains help you select the right part for your design? This wide-ranging and informative webcast will take you through a typical datasheet and explain the full meaning behind many often misunderstood specs.
Webcasts WEBCAST
Using Integrated Precision Analog Microcontrollers to Simplify Data Acquisition System Design
The ins and outs (the I/O) of using Analog Microcontrollers to manage data acquisition applications
Webcasts WEBCAST
UG-311: Reliability Handbook  (pdf, 3248 kB) User Guides PDF
Switching-Regulator Insights: Achieve Longer Battery Life in DSP Systems
Battery life is of prime importance in handheld battery-powered products, making their success directly related to the efficiency of the power system.
(How2Power Today, September 2009
Technical Articles HTML
Smart Metering Technology Promotes Energy Efficiency for a Greener World
The metering of electric power coming into the home is going electronic, replacing the long-established electromechanical power-line meter (from the 1890s) with all-electronic smart meters.
(RF DesignLine, July 27, 2009)
Technical Articles HTML
ADSP-21365 SHARC Anomaly List for Revisions 0.0, 0.2, 0.4 (Rev M, 11-05-2010)  (pdf, 178 kB) IC Anomalies PDF
ADSP-TS202S TigerSHARC Anomaly List for Revision(s) 1.1, 1.2, 2.0 (Rev L, 01-08-2008)  (pdf) IC Anomalies PDF
Whirlwind brings pro-quality sound mixing to multi-room venues with MPM4 Zone Mixer using 32b SHARC® Customer Case Studies HTML
Can I exceed the parameters specified in the absolute maximum ratings table? FAQs/RAQs HTML
Glossary of EE Terms Glossary HTML
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