The Unicoi Systems Voice Terminal Adapter Reference Design enables users to convert their current corded or cordless telephones into a VoIP telephone system so they can take advantage of the exciting new calling features and low rates that VoIP service providers offer.

The Unicoi Systems TA includes full-featured SIP telephony running on a single-core Blackfin® Processor, and offers a robust set of features and functionality at the lowest BOM possible. Optimally designed, the Unicoi VoIP TA has ample memory and processing power for simple platform customization.

Unicoi Systems' Terminal Adapter Reference Design, which is a functional subset of their Voice Gateway Reference Design, is part of their full suite of cost-competitive, single-processor VoIP solutions that easily scale from low channel density IP phones and terminal adapters to higher density small business gateways and channel banks.

Key Applications

  • Communications


  • Broad RFC compliance including all major SIP, IM and Presence, Network, Media, RTP/RTCP and QoS RFCs
  • Voice Codecs including G.711A, G.723.1, G.726 and G.729A/B
  • Critical components of Unicoi Systems' Fusion networking product suite including SIP, SDP and RTP/RTCP
  • Call manager, PSTN module and algorithms, dynamic jitter buffer, echo cancellation software, touch tone dialing, simple P2P dialing, remote software upgrades and diagnostics
  • G.168 line echo cancellers, T.38 fax relay, DTMF detection and generation, voice activity detection, comfort noise generation
  • Unicoi Systems' Fusion Real Time Operating System
  • Unicoi Systems' Fusion TCP/IP networking stack

Example Applications

  • Converts a standard corded or cordless phone into a VoIP phone


Operating Systems Supported

  • Unicoi Systems' Fusion Real Time Operating System

Supporting Components

  • Unicoi Systems' VoIP Terminal Adapter supports all the major capabilities of the Legerity LE88221/241 device

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