Jungo's USBware Provides Complete USB Protocol Solution for Blackfin®

USB connectivity is a "must have" for today's devices that range from flash drives to video cameras to consumer devices like iPods. USB provides an expandable, hot-pluggable Plug and Play serial interface that ensures a standard, low-cost connection for peripheral devices such as storage devices, keyboards, printers, scanners, and digital cameras. Desktop operating environments provide US connectivity as a standard feature.

The challenge for embedded designers is to integrate flexible, fast and industry-standard connectivity, while keeping development costs low and time to market to a minimum. Jungo Software Technologies' USBware, a connectivity software solution, provides Analog Device's Blackfin developers with a complete, high quality and small footprint embedded USB software protocol stack, allowing device manufactures to easily incorporate standard USB connectivity in their designs.

The USB protocol stacks and tools from Jungo complement the integrated USB hardware on Blackfin processors to speed development of devices with built-in, high-quality USB 1.1/2.0 connectivity. This technology allows USB-based devices to transfer audio and video files and data between Blackfin-based devices and a host PC or any number of USB-supported consumer devices such as PMPs, MP3 players and cameras.

Jungo's fully integrated USBware provides both host and device driver stacks for Blackfin. The drivers operate with an OS such as VDK or uC/OSII or can be adapted to run even without an operating system, giving programmers a full range of classes and functions. This versatility helps developers meet rapidly-expanding functionality expectations, as well as the insatiable demand for connectivity for consumer and industrial devices.

"The Blackfin DSPs meet the needs for today's high-processing embedded devices, combined with the on-chip USB controller and Jungo USBware solution, joint customers can now quickly deploy devices with multiple USB connectivity."
–Oren Manor,
USBware Product Manager,
Jungo Ltd.

Blackfin is being selected as the embedded host for a wide variety of high performance, connected applications where USB connectivity is a key product requirement. Applications for Blackfin span consumer, industrial, automotive, and medical spaces. For designers, Jungo USBware software on Blackfin processors is a safe, proven solution for products from GPS navigation to surveillance cameras and automotive head units. Its scalable and modular architecture allows incremental changes in capabilities without large scale software changes.

An Ever Expanding USB-Connected World
The market for USB is exploding and this technology has become ubiquitous in a multitude of devices and industries. According to Instat, in 2007, more than 2.6 Billion USB-enabled devices were shipped. The number of devices shipped with USB connectivity is staggering, but there is a good reason. With a fast serial transfer rate and plug and play usability, USB has proven to be a reliable de-facto standard, and an expandable means of transferring information between devices. It wasn't that long ago that the notion of downloading full length video to a handheld device was inconceivable. Not surprisingly, USB has emerged as the connector of choice for PDAs, Set-Top boxes and other peripherals that run the gamut of functionality, scanners, joysticks, modems, video conferencing camera's and more. With Jungo USBware on Blackfin, designers can easily satisfy a full complement of new USB "connectible" devices in the marketplace.

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