Analog-Digital Conversion

Now available, a series of ADI Technical books covering a wide range design topics, from Practical Analog Techniques to Mixed Signal and DSP information. These books have been written by the Applications Engineering Staff at Analog Devices, including well-known authors such as Walt Kester, Walt Jung, James Bryant and Hank Zumbahlen. Books are priced at $40.00 each.

Also available at no cost is the third edition of "A Designer's Guide to Instrumentation Amplifiers" by Charles Kitchin and Lew Counts.

To purchase one of the books, click on the links below.

Basic Linear Design

Basic Linear Design     Order Now ($40)

Effective analog circuit design requires a strong understanding of linear devices. Linear Circuit Design Handbook bridges the gap between component theory and practical circuit design. Providing complete coverage of analog components and showing how to use them effectively, it serves as a useful reference for engineers involved in analog and mixed-signal design.

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A Designer's Guide to Instrumentation Amplifiers

A Designer's Guide to Instrumentation Amplifiers:   We are currently out of printed copies for this book. Please click here for chapter-by-chapter PDF download.

Instrumentation amplifiers (in-amps) are used to amplify weak signals in the presence of strong interference and noise. This hands-on applications book covers both in-amps and difference amplifiers (diff-amps), and features all of the latest Analog Devices products. Completely updated, it has been greatly expanded to cover a wider range of topics than the 1st edition, including: in-amp design basics, selecting between an in-amp and a diff-amp, ac-input coupling, input protection basics, reducing RFI rectification errors, in-amp and diff-amp applications circuits, matching in-amp circuits to modern ADCs, and understanding in-amp data sheet specifications. The online version contains many helpful web links, quickly connecting readers to related sites for information such as product data sheets and application notes.

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Analog-Digital Conversion

Analog-Digital Conversion     Order Now ($40)

Analog-Digital Conversion presents a comprehensive set of notes presented in a recent Analog Devices seminar series on data converters. In a digital world, A/D and D/A conversion is essential to translate between analog real-world physical variables and the abstract 1s and 0s of digital processing. The book offers a hint of its breadth, as well as its orientation to practical design: Data-converter history; Fundamentals of sampled-data systems; Data-converter architectures; Data-converter process technology; Testing data converters; Interfacing to data converters; Data-converter support circuits; Data-converter applications; and Hardware design techniques.

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High-Speed Design Techniques

High-Speed Design Techniques     Order Now ($40)

The book, High Speed Design Techniques, contains chapters on high speed operational amplifiers, RF/IF subsystems, high speed sampling and high speed A/D Converters, high speed D/A converters and DDS systems. It also covers high speed hardware design techniques.

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Mixed Signal and DSP Design Techniques

Mixed Signal and DSP Design Techniques     Order Now ($40)

This book covers sampled data systems, choosing A-to-D and D-to-A converters for DSP applications, fast Fourier transforms, digital filters, selecting DSP hardware, interfacing to DSP chips, and hardware design techniques. This book explains signal processing hardware–how it works, how to interface to it, and how to design it and debug it. Master the art and science of mixed-signal and DSP design with this informative and practical guide.

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